Saturday, August 17, 2013

Allen & Ginter Case Rip: Box #10 - The Second Half

Box #10 was decent in terms of the mini cards (I ended up with five different mini inserts) and black bordered minis (I got three including a short print).  It wasn't nearly as good in terms of the hits - three boring baseball player swatches, though at least one was bright orange as you'll soon see.

We start with the third black bordered mini out of the box.

Horizontal black border minis look pretty cool, don't they?

The final two mini inserts were both from sets already represented in the box.  I got my second Inquiring Minds cards (this time Thomas Hobbes).

I also got a second card of the First Americans - in this case, the Algonquian.

The Algonquian number about half a million today (ranging from California to New England and Canada).  That seems like an impressive number to me.

Finally, my two hits in the box.

Cameron Maybin (yawn)

Tim Lincecum (the orange swatch saves this relic from totally sucking as well).

That concludes Box 10...only two more to go in the case.  I already spoiled the fact that I didn't get a rip card (though I'm talking to Topps about that).  I did get something much cooler though - stay tuned!


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