Sunday, August 18, 2013

Allen & Ginter Case Rip: Box #12 - The First Half (Don't Miss It!)

It's a bittersweet post today.  On the one hand, my Allen & Ginter case is officially busted, sorted, and empty...  On the other hand, I opened this box last it definitely held the best card of the case.

Box Loader:

Woah!  That's an N43 autographed card of Pele.  Those suckers are seeded 1:990 boxes.  When I opened the box up originally, I think I actually uttered a verbal "woah"!  This card totally made my case worth it - and it should be a big help in terms of paying for next year's case (even though it does pain me a bit to sell it since it's such an awesome looking card).  It's even hand numbered!

Packs 1 - 12:

Really, after that box loader I don't think it would have mattered what else was in the box.  However, the packs themselves were pretty darn good as well.

The first half yielded three additional cards of note.  One was a card of the Cheyenne.

The Cheyenne are now 20,000 strong and mostly live in Oklahoma and Montana.  I'm not sure I knew there were 20,000 people total in those two states, let alone 20,000 Cheyenne (I kid, I kid).

The other mini of note was this Famous Finds card of the Cave of Altamira.

In case you never heard of the Cave of Altamira (like me), the cave is in Spain and was the first cave in which prehistoric cave paintings were discovered.  It used to be open to the public but has since been closed since carbon dioxide was ruining the paintings.

I also got my first of the final three hits in the first half of the box.

A beautiful Reds' relic!  I told you this box was awesome!

Stay tuned for the final post which will cover the last twelve packs of the case.  I did get my three promised hits, though none were rip cards.


The Dutch Card Guy said...

Wow, grats, that Pele card is awesome !

Hackenbush said...


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JediJeff said...


cynicalbuddha said...

Very nice that Pele should pay for at least half your case. I think that's the only N43 in the product this year.

--David said...

Ho.Lee.Crap! That Pele is awesome!

--David said...

Also, some quick math says that Topps supposedly made roughly 40,000 boxes of Ginter Hobby...

Thorzul said...

I would have passed out if I had opened that box. Literally.

roddster said...

Wow that's an amazing pull

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