Sunday, August 11, 2013

Allen & Ginter Case Rip: Box #2 - Packs 19 - 24

It's time to finish off the second box of the case.  I've greatly enjoyed opening the packs at a slightly slower rate in order to post the spoils on my blog.  I've also enjoyed not having to type every single card like I would in a group break.  This is sort of the best of both worlds...  As for the box, at this point I have two of the three promised hits (but exactly zero black bordered mini cards after getting four such cards in the first box).  Let's see what the last quarter of the box has in store for me.

Pack 19:

McKayla Maroney has turned her "not impressed face" into a chance to land a card in Allen & Ginter (not to mention countless interner memes).  Good for her I guess.

Pack 20:

Hey, whattya know - a black bordered mini.  I figured I was due to get one (actually two since they are seeded 1:10 packs) but you never know...

Pack 21:

Pack 21 was a "big money" pack if you ask me.  I got my first Yasiel Puig base card, a People on Bicycles card, and my third hit:  a John Calipari relic card.

The People on Bicycles is one of the unannounced mini insert sets that Topps loves to add to Ginter (which I love for the record).  The Calipari is nice enough as well - a pack worthy of two scans is good by me!

Pack 22:

This is a nice looking card of Topkapi Palace (found in Turkey).  The Palace is 7.5 million square feet...that's impressive!

Pack 23:

Pack 23 had another Palace insert (this time Pena National Palace in Portugal).  However, I scanned the black border mini since I was complaining about not getting any at the start of the post.  Now I've landed the two that I should...

Pack 24:

We end box #2 on a high note of sorts - another Heavy Hangs the Head insert card (this box was heavy on the Heavy Hangs the Head cards - pun intended).

Come back tomorrow when I start Box #3!


Play at the Plate said...

If you're not trading those I understand, buy if you are, I'd be interested in the Ranger minis.

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