Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Gint-a-Cuffs V: The Final Box Results and Total Score!

To date, my Gint-a-Cuffs box has scored a total of 161 points.  That's not a bad total if I had only opened something like ten packs.  Unfortunately for me (but fortunate for the other competitors), I've actually opened all but the final two packs.

However...I have one hit remaining.  Could I have been slow playing this entire box just to slap down a monster card at the end and blow the Gint-a-Cuffs leader board out of the water?  Or, did the box simply suck?  Let's find out together.

Pack 23:
28.  Paul O'Neil (-1 Yankees)

121.  Hiroki Kuroda (-1 Yankees, again)
Yankees don't deserve to have their scans straightened out.

126.  Jon Niese
138.  Anibal Sanchez
171.  Chad Billingsley
238.  Ryan Braun
ATY-MT.  Mike Trout (+2 for Across the Years)

Reg. mini:  195.  Derek Norris

Pack total:  0 points
Running total:  161 points

Hahaha.  Really, that's all you can do is laugh.  What a horrendous pack.

Pack 24:
38.  Johnny Bench (+1 Reds)

123.  Matt Garza
133.  David Ortiz
177.  Joe Morgan (+1 Reds)

ATY-TT.  Troy Tulowitzki (+2 Across the Years)

Codes, Ciphers, & Cryptographs:  The Voynich Manuscript (+5 for being special in the eyes of the commish)

AGR-DP.  David Price (+10 relic)

Pack total:  19 points
Box total (Final):  180 points

That 180 points puts me pretty much in last place, or else really close to last.  I think this box was one bicycle card (or even the Voynich Manuscripts card away from being just about the worst box I've ever opened, at least of Ginter).  Terrible, awful, and no good!


P-town Tom said...

Put your faith in the Law of Averages. Next year will be better!

Anonymous said...

Topps should put O'Neill in a Reds uni solely because of Gint-A-Cuffs!

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