Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gint-a-Cuffs V: I Remember When Pluto Was a Planet.

Yesterday was the first day that I was required to be on campus for the fall 2013 semester.  Today?  Well, today marked the second consecutive day of meetings.  I've got one more meeting this week, then a weekend to prepare any last minute lesson changes...and then the new semester starts in earnest.  Let's hope I can get my Gint-a-Cuffs box busted and scored before the madness of the new semester takes hold of my life.  At the moment, my box is up to 77 points.  Let's try to increase our total, shall we?

Pack 9:
37.  Nelson Cruz
125.  Matt Holliday
130.  Pele
140.  Tommy Lee
153.  Alex Cobb
164.  Chris Mortensen (-1 point for being a mouth breather)

ATY-JVL.  Justin Verlander (+2 Across the Years)

283.  Regular mini:  Jason Motte (I guess regular minis aren't worth diddly squat)

Pack total:  1 point
Running total:  78 points

I had a decent per pack pace going for awhile...but pack 9 was all kinds of terrible.  Ouch.

Pack 10:
34.  Robin Roberts
41.  Hisashi Iwakuma
70. CC Sabathia (-1 for being a Yankee)

210.  Madison Bumgarner
272.  Josh Reddick
307.  Darwin Barney (+2 short print)

A&G back mini:  53.  Mark Teixeira (+2 A&G back but -1 for being a Yankee = +1 point)

OLC-PTO.  Pluto (One Little Corner = +3)
I love this card!

Pack total:  5 points
Running total:  83 points

Oof.  My per pack average took a heavy hit thanks to these two packs.  My chances of ending at the top of the leaderboard look slimmer and slimmer.  However, there are still two hits remaining...there's hope!


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