Friday, August 02, 2013

Kickin' the Box: A Six Pack!

So many allusions to beer.  Let's go get drunk off of 2013 Archives, shall we?

Pack 19:

I like the idea behind the Stadium Club Triumvirates.  I don't like that they are seeded 1 per box...or that there are no Reds featured.  As it is, this is the easiest of all the insert sets for me to decide not to collect.

Pack 20:

This pack featured two inserts, one All-Star and one Tall Boy.  I had them both which makes me sad.  You get a scan of Verlander because how often do you see a pitcher that happy on a baseball card?  Exactly.

Pack 21:

File this one under "things I don't care about."  Pulling a Heavy Metal auto is a disappointment to me - I would much, much rather have a Fan Favorite autograph.  However, I did manage to sell this card on eBay already which helped me recover a bit of the cost of the box (something that is appreciated by my wallet in anticipation of Allen & Ginter's upcoming release!

Pack 22:

Are you surprised that I already had this short print too?  I'm beginning to think Topps made each set of short prints occur in the same box (i.e. I ended up with two boxes with the exact same set of short prints).  Not cool.

Pack 23:

I'm not the biggest fan of the sticker cards - but I do like this one a lot!  You've got some of the best past (and current) players who don the tools of ignorance.  Plus, how can you not like a card that features Johnny Bench?

Pack 24:

The box ends on a high note of sorts - one more card that I actually needed for my set.

Oh wait - the box isn't quite done...I didn't mention that I lucked out and got another box topper did I?

Yeah.  That's a sweet card, though again it's already been sold on eBay!  Between this card and the Heavy Metal autograph, I basically paid half price for the hobby box which isn't too bad I guess.


Matt said...

That Cliff Lee is it available for trade?

P-town Tom said...

The sticker card with the four catchers is quite a collection of backstops. Lots of talent on that card, and I like that it wasn't all from the same team (like the Yankees card you posted earlier).

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