Thursday, August 29, 2013

Makin' a Card Purchase from Part I

One of the things that I've been told about my want list is that I am looking for too many old and/or esoteric stuff.  There's a bunch of short prints and inserts on my list from sets that people seemed to have long ago rid themselves of.  How to remedy that (without simply deleting the sets from my want list)?  Well...make a purchase!

I've bought from CheckOutMyCards before (which was fine) though I find their search a bit clunky.  This time, I decided to give a try.  In the end, I don't think either site was totally number one...JustCommons was easier for me to search, but I think they might be more expensive (and in some case, quite a bit more expensive).  They did have a better selection in terms of many of the sets that I'm still working on though.

In the end, I bought 44 cards for a cost of $26.65.  That comes out to about sixty cents per card which isn't outrageous, especially since I got few inserts and short prints in that group.  Over the next few days, I plan to show off my purchases (and, perhaps, in the process spur on a trade or two in case you realize you have some cards from one - or more - of the sets lying around unloved by you that I might still need)!

Today, we look at two sets - 1997 UD Collector's Choice and 2008 UD Timeline.

From the 1997 UD Collector's Choice set, I ordered a pair of "Big Shots" insert cards that I needed plus a Stick-Ums sticker card.  Unfortunately, JustCommons had an inventory error and the Stick-Ums card order was unable to be filled (they did refund me the $.30 for the card).

Despite not being able to inch any closer to completing the Stick-Ums set, I did get closer to finishing off the rarer insert set from 1997 Collector's Choice - the Big Shots set.

My first Big Shots card was a of Larry Walker.

For the most part, I like the photography on the Big Shots set (after all, this was a set celebrating photography).  That said, the Walker card isn't all that great.  Still, as a set collector you need 'em all whether you like 'em or not.

The second Big Shots was decidedly cooler:  Tony Gwynn with serious bling:

Yeah, six rings - how often do you find that on a baseball card?!  Actually, there might be seven rings since at the time Gwynn was the owner of seven NL batting championships.  Good stuff!

The other set (for this post anyhow) is 2008 UD Timeline.  The Timeline set was fun when it was released, but quite honestly, I'm almost 100% sick of it now.  That said, I've put so much effort, time, and money into completing the short print laden set that I actually feel guilty for giving up now.  Thanks to my JustCommons purchase, I got four cards closer to completing the cursed set.

Yeah, A-rod, Ian Kennedy, Jason Bay, and B.J. Upton.  Not a single guy in that group that I'd actually want to pay money to acquire...and yet...I did.  What a sucker I am huh?

For 2008 UD Timeline, I'd love to work out a trade if you have any of the few remaining cards that I need.
2008 Upper Deck Timeline Wants:
Base: #235, 300, 308, 336, 341, 345, 356, 361, 363, 366, 373, 374, 375
I'd happily trade two, three, or more of my duplicates from the set for even a single card that I need from the above list.  Heck, I'd do just about anything to finish this set off once and for all!

There will be more from this purchase in upcoming days - including some short prints and some cards that actually did make it so I had a fully complete set!


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