Thursday, August 01, 2013

So Many Yankees - plus a (non-Yankee) autograph!

Let's finish off the third (out of four) stacks of packs in the 2013 Topps Archives box, shall we?  My main goal?  Add to the three total cards that I've pulled that I actually needed for my set.

Pack 16:

Woooo - my first (of two promised) autographs from the box.  I've gotten so caught up looking for inserts that I've needed that I almost forgot about the promised signatures.  I must say, Matt Williams is probably one of the better autographs on the checklist so I'm happy with this pull!

Pack 17:

Bad news?  It's another Yankee.  Good news?  I needed it!  That's the second All-Star Yankee in as many posts that I needed for my complaints any time I am able to inch a bit closer to set completion.  This pack is a success for that reason alone.

Pack 18:

We finish off the final third of the box with four more Yankees.  I'm sorry for that too.


night owl said...

OMG, that was hideous. A bunch of Yankees and an autograph of one of the most despicable Giants ever? If I pulled all that at once, I'd take up rock collecting.

Chris said...

You know, if you pull one of the Heavy Metal Autographs, buying Topps Archives could be considered Rock collecting.

P-town Tom said...

Well played sir, well played.

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