Tuesday, September 17, 2013

2004 Fleer Tradition: Opening Another Group Break Box!

It's time to crack open yet another box for the group break!  This time, it's 2004 Fleer Tradition.  The box contains 36 packs with 10 cards per pack so there will be a lot cards from this box joining various team piles!  The box should also contain two hits (autos or relics) - including the possibility of dual autos and dual relics.  Enough chatter though, let's crack open some packs.

Pack 1:
126.  Neifi Perez - Giants
166.  Curt Schilling - Red Sox
208.  Wade Miller - Astros
255.  Adrian Beltre - Dodgers

The Fleer Tradition cards are printed on an older stock (much like 1991 Fleer without all the yellow).  The cards have team specific colors as the border (which is a nice touch).
317.  John Olerud - Mariners
323.  Doug Glanville - Rangers
347.  Josh Phelps - Blue Jays
385.  Jeremy Giambi - Red Sox
396.  Placido Polanco - Phillies
497.  Cardinals Prospects:  Gall, Haren, Ohme

Well, one out of three really isn't so bad.  The Prospects are a subset seeded 1:3 packs by the way.

Pack 2:
118.  Troy Percival - Angels
146.  Omar Infante - Tigers
175.  Xavier Nady - Padres
260.  Carl Everett - White Sox
291.  Jack Wilson - Pirates

So much yellow on this card!  
311.  Jason Schmidt - Giants
322.  Shea Hillenbrand - Diamondbacks
344.  Javy Lopez - Braves

I'm thinking Night Owl would like this one, despite it being of a Brave.  
371.  Darrell May - Royals
400.  Jeremi Gonzalez - Rays

Not an exciting pack in terms of inserts or hits, but it was a great pack in terms of spreading the love about many different teams.  In fact, at this point only the Rockies and Brewers are without at least one card in the break.  The Astros (?!) and the Phillies are currently leading the way with six cards each.

Since it's Tuesday morning, why don't we open a third pack just for fun?  You know, start the day off right?

Pack 3:
3.  World Series:  Ivan Rodriguez - Marlins
24.  Royals Team Leaders
42.  Ben Grieve - Rays
67.  Sammy Sosa - Cubs

A nice card of slammin' Sammy.
69.  Jason Jennings - Rockies
Our first Rockies card of the break!
195.  Darren Oliver - Rockies
And now we have two Rockies.  That's how quickly things can turn for a team.
23.  Adam Everett - Astros
272.  Alfonso Soriano
439.  Vicente Padilla - Phillies

Cards #401 - 445 are short prints and are seeded 1:2 packs.  Congrats to Philadelphia for the first short print out of the box.

482.  Marlins & Dodgers prospects:  Willingham (Marlins), Hooper (Marlins), and Roberts (Dodgers)

This one goes to the Dodgers since LA was claimed and Florida wasn't (as a main team).

I hope you enjoyed the trio of packs - keep stopping by the blog as I rip more packs in the upcoming days (including later today if all goes well)!


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