Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Group Break Diamond Tribute (plus other goodies)

We dip back into the 2004 Fleer Tradition box for the next group break post.  Enjoy!

Pack 4:
5.  Dontrelle Willis - Marlins
26.  Brewers Team Leaders
57.  Garret Anderson - Angels
83.  Edgar Martinez - Mariners

I like the little picture of the baseball player on the back of the base cards.  I do wish Fleer had made a pitcher image and a hitter image but I guess beggars can't be choosers.
88.  Mike Maroth - Tigers
152.  Eric Byrnes - Athletics
183.  Mark Buehrle - White Sox
258.  Brandon Phillips - Indians

I wish this was a Reds card!
293.  Brian Giles - Padres
407.  Larry Walker - Rockies
This is a short print for Colorado, yay Rockies!

Pack 5:
13.  Braves Team Leaders
27.  Twins Team Leaders
56.  John Lackey - Angels
78.  Jason Johnson - Orioles
85.  Ken Harvey - Royals
228.  Preston Wilson - Rockies
268.  Corey Koskie - Twins
418.  Edgardo Alfonso - Giants
Another short print, this time for San Francisco.
450.  Stand Outs:  Angel Berroa - Royals

The Stand Outs are short prints seeded 1:6 packs making them the second rarest of the base card subsets.  I particularly like the old uniform being worn by Berroa - it certainly fits for a "Tradition" themed set.
6 of 20 DT.  Diamond Tributes:  Nomar Garciaparra - Red Sox

The Diamond Tributes are seeded 1:6 packs and feature gold foil (something the base cards don't have).  I can't say the design does much for me - the foil throws things off in terms of the "tradition" theme that Fleer is going for.  

Still oh-so-many more packs to go - I'll keep ripping them as time allows!


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