Friday, September 13, 2013

A Quick Blaster Break - Just for Kicks (Pt. 3)

Welcome back to the third (of three) parts of my 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions blaster break.  At this point, I've opened eight of the twelve packs that come in a blaster (each pack has a mere four cards).  Let's rip open the final four packs!  However, before I do that - I want to remind everyone that I'm hosting a group break where we are opening up SEVEN different boxes.  There are still four slots remaining - I'd love to have the break filled before tonight is up so that I can start busting the boxes tomorrow!  Click here to see the available teams (includes teams like the Red Sox, White Sox, Cubs, Angels, Phillies, Pirates, and Giants just to name a few of the possibilities).  Each $25 slot is good for two teams (one of your choice and one random).  Join now!

Now it's time to finish off the Goodwin Champions blaster!

Pack 9:
31.  Byron Nelson
58.  Oscar Robertson
73.  Steven Jackson
MM13.  Military Machines:  M3 Stuart

I'm not much of a fan of the Military Machines cards since they are printed on "typical" Upper Deck stock (i.e. thin and glossy).  This one is definitely available for trade should someone covet the M3 Stuart.

Pack 10:
3.  Herschel Walker
54.  Landon Donovan
121.  Joey Chestnut

204.  Charles Ebbets

I would say Joey Chestnut is a master at self-promoting.  All the guy can do is eat a lot more hot dogs than any human should...and now he's famous and in baseball card sets.  I see no reason for this.

Pack 11:
24.  Natalie Gulbis
26.  Jim McMahon

146.  Anderson Silva
Mini:  85.  Luc Robitaille

What in the world is McMahon wearing in that photo?!  Oh my.  At least this pack had a nice looking mini card - pretty cool hockey card if you ask me.

Pack 12:
48.  Colin Kaepernick
82.  Wendel Clark

132.  Brian Bosworth
170. Jelly Roll Morton

Dude's name is Jelly Roll, tha's great.  Not as great as having a bloodied up eye though on your baseball card.  Sorry Jelly Roll Morton, Wendel gets the scan.

And that's that.  A full blaster of 2012 Goodwin Champions.  The set is ok, nothing spectacular but certainly a set I wouldn't mind having complete.  I'm still undecided if I'll chase the set though...


P-town Tom said...

Whoa! Brian Bosworth. There's a name from the past. He was supposed to me the man at middle linebacker until he boasted about how he would single-handily shut down Bo Jackson. I can still picture Bo blasting through Bosworth for a touchdown, effectively ending America's fascination with "Boz", while increasing exponentially the popularity of Bo.

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