Friday, September 06, 2013

Box Breaker: 2005 UD Past Time Pennants - Packs 10 - 12

It's time to continue my 2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants box break  Here are the next three packs - still searching for that final autograph!

Pack 10:

3.  Bert Blyleven
21.  Don Newcombe

47.  Johnny Podres
51.  Larry Doby
56.  Mickey Mantle

It seems weird to get a Mantle card in a non-Topps product.  This particular pack had exactly one color photo (the Podres) but the best photo goes to Don Newcombe.  I wonder what he was talking about when his photo was taken?  Probably something like "I hate photographers."

Pack 11:

38.  Harmon Killebrew

43.  Jim Rice
67.  Richie Ashburn
71.  Rocky Colavito

76.  Tony Gwynn

Gwynn seems out of place with the other legends in the pack, though I suppose he probably belongs in a pack with the likes of Killebrew.    Speaking of Killebrew, his card and Colavito's were the two best photos.  Killebrew for his Pure Ice Co. ad and Colavito for his "pure baseball" photo.  I love each of them equally - so you get two scans.  We all win!

Pack 12:

1.  Al Kaline
6.  Bob Feller

14.  Carl Yastrzemski
46.  Johnny Bench
58.  Monte Irvin

No, your eyes are not deceiving you...this entire pack is full of duplicates.  I've already pulled all five previously in the box...   In fact, the Yastrzemski, Bench, and Irvin were also found in pack #4...while Kaline and Feller were both present in pack #1.  I guess that's bound to happen in a 90 card set when you get 20 5-card packs in a box.  Take out the two autos and with perfect collation you'll still end up with 8 duplicates (not counting the off chance of pulling a parallel which are seeded 1:110 packs in this particular product).  I'm hoping I've now gotten five of my eight duplicates out of the way - I'm banking on getting a complete set out of my box!


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