Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Group Break Pack Break: Sittin' on a Bucket.

Good morning!  What better way to start a day than by opening up a pack of cards?  Not just any pack though, this is a 27 card pack of 1993 Upper Deck for my current group break.

Pack 2:
Mike Macfarlane - Royals
Bob Wickman - Yankees
John Dopson - Red Sox
Pat Mahomes - Twins
Rich Rodriguez - Padres
Wilson Alvarez - White Sox
Mike Sharperson - Dodgers
Gary Carter - Expos

I love this photo!  It doesn't always have to be about the "big mojo hits" in order to be a great card.
Dean Palmer - Rangers
Danny Tartabull - Yankees
Andy Benes - Padres
Mariano Duncan - Phillies
Steve Finley - Astros
Alex Fernandez - White Sox
Junior Felix - Angels
Jeff Innis - Mets
Sid Bream - Braves
Greg Olson - Braves
Milt Cyler - Tigers
B.J. Surhoff - Brewers
Latin Stars (Gonzalez, Canseco, Rodriguez, Palmeiro) - Rangers
Mark Lewis - Indians

I like this photo quite a bit.  Cracks me up.
Cris Colon - Rangers
J.T. Snow - Yankees
Yankee Pride (Kelly, Mattingly) - Yankees

J.T. Snow - Yankees
Yep, again.
HR 5.  Homerun Heroes:  Albert Belle - Indians

And with that, we are done with the second pack out of the box.  It's a lot of cards per pack - but that simply means it's a lot of cards for each team in the break (at least for all the teams that were around back when '93 Upper Deck Series I was printed).


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