Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm Gunna Make This Place Your Home (Post Title Courtesy of

I keep trying to jump from one group break box to another so as to keep you all from getting bored.  I also need to start mixing in more mail days - I have quite the stack of mail waiting to be scanned and posted!  However, that stack will have to wait a bit longer since I'm in the mood to rip some more group break packs (this time from the Skybox Dominion box).

Oh, and for the post title?  Well, I didn't have anything witty, pithy, or otherwise worth I took the current lyric from the song playing on my Pandora radio station (you can thank Phillip Phillips for that one - and I don't really even like him)!

Pack 9:
Reggie Sanders - Padres
Joe McEwing - Cardinals
Geoff Jenkins - Brewers
David Cone - Yankees
Doug Mientkiewicz - Twins
Garret Anderson - Angels
D. Kolb & K. Dransfeldt - Rangers
Kevin Brown - Dodgers
Matt Williams - Diamondbacks
12 of 15 EO.  Eye on October:  Manny Ramirez - Indians

The Eye on October cards are shiny (and seeded 1:24 packs)!  A nice pickup for the Indians for certain.

Pack 10:
Brian Bohanon - Rockies
Jorge Posada - Yankees

Tony Armas, Jr. - Expos
D. Reichert & M. Quinn - Royals
Darren Dreifort - Dodgers
Erubiel Durazo - Diamondbacks
Scott Karl - Brewers
Mike Hampton - Astros
Mike Sirotka - White Sox
Barry Bonds - Giants

Pack 11:
Vinny Castilla - Rockies
Jeff Zimmerman - Rangers
Shawn Green - Dodgers
J. Jnes & M. Redman - Twins
Moises Alou - Astros
Chris Fussell - Royals
Steve Finley - Diamondbacks
Chris Carpenter - Blue Jays
Mike Piazza - Mets
8 of 20 NE.  New Era:  Chris Singleton - White Sox

We pulled the New Era Plus insert card of Chris Singleton earlier in the break - now we have the "regular" version of the card.  Yay (I guess?)...  The one piece of good news is that the card does look marginally better in hand than it does in this scan.  So at least we have that.


Ana Lu said...

A young Posada looking so good!


Love the Man Ram ! Need that one.

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