Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Listia Winnings (Finally - a Non- Group Break Post)!

I know that my blog has been inundated with group break posts lately (which, if nothing else, helps to stave off writer's block).  However, I also have a large pile of packages that are begging to be posted about.  By my count, I have FIFTEEN packages & envelopes waiting to be busted open and written about.  Yes, fifteen!  Obviously, I should probably get working on that...

In order to ease myself into the writing process (where it doesn't simply involve typing up a bunch of names and card numbers), we'll begin with the easiest of the fifteen packages.  T

This one is from a Listia seller and it arrived in good condition and quite quickly (both things are appreciated by me).  It's a single card that I needed from the 2013 Allen & Ginter set - a set from my favorite of the large insert sets.

Yes, it's none other than Jupiter from the One Little Corner insert set.

How can you not love cards of the planets (and other celestial bodies)?  I know I find them fascination - and it's a great looking image as well!

I'm getting closer and closer to completing the 2013 Ginter set - if you have any I need, let me know!


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