Sunday, September 15, 2013

Nachos Grande Group Break #5 in 2013: The Beginning!

It's time to begin the fifth group break of 2013 hosted by yours truly.  I'm hopeful that this is one of the best breaks yet - it'll certainly be one of largest breaks ever (in terms of total number of cards opened).  We've got seven boxes to bust - all but one were courtesy of the good folks over at Baseball Card Exchange.

Without them, this break probably wouldn't have happened at all!  So once again, a big hearty thank you to our sponsor!

And now - on with the break!  I've got my spreadsheet all ready (I keep track of who gets what by hand - it's fun for me I guess).  The green names are the claimed teams, in a day or two I'll pencil in the randomized team owners as well - but those might change in the near term as people contemplate making swaps.

Now, which box to begin with?  As usual, I'll mix up the boxes as we go rather than plowing straight through one box at a time.  In doing so, it keeps things fresher for everyone!  However, since the break is only just beginning (and people haven't had time to contemplate making many trades), I'm going to start with a box that won't be providing us with major hits - 1993 Upper Deck.  In that way, I don't run the risk of finding a hit for a team on the trading block quite yet!

Each of the Upper Deck packs are jumbo packs with a whopping 27 cards!  For this particular box, I'll only list the player and team - it's way too much time to list the card number as well.  I will try to do a few scans of course of the better (or at least more interesting) cards that we run across.  Let's dig in.

1993 Upper Deck:
Pack 1:
Nigel Wilson - Marlins
Mike Trombley - Twins
Latin Stars (Gonzalez, Canseco, Rodriguez, Palmeiro) - Rangers

Jessie Hollins - Cubs
Scott Cooper - Red Sox
Geno Petralli - Rangers
Pete Harnisch - Astros
Mike Devereaux - Orioles
1993 Upper Deck is a favorite among collectors because it has some awesome photography - here's a prime example!
Mike Moore - Athletics
Mark Lemke - Braves
Craig Biggio - Astros
Milt Cuyler - Tigers

This bud's for you.  That card number though?  Eesh, that's hard to read.
Pedro Astacio - Dodgers
Jose Rijo - Reds
Steve Olin - Indians
Jeff Bagwell - Astros
John Kruk - Phillies
Shane Mack - Twins
Brian Barnes - Expos
Alan Mills - Orioles
Ken Griffey Jr. - Marins
You are welcome Junior Junkie!
David Cone - Blue Jays
Bernie Williams - Yankees
Greg A. Harris - Red Sox
Pedro Astacio - Dodgers
Yep, duplicates in the same pack - it was the early 90s after all.
Bernie Williams - Yankees
Double trouble again.
HR10.  Homerun Heroes:  Dave Hollins - Phillies

Congrats to the Phillies for pulling the first insert of the break!  The Homerun Heroes are seeded 1 per pack I believe so there should be a few more before all is said and done.  I hope everyone enjoyed the start of the break - plenty of more goodies to come so stick around!  Amazingly enough, out of the 15 original claimed teams in the break, only the Mets, Pirates, and Cardinals got shut out in this pack.  That's a good way to start things off - 12 out of 15 claimed teams got at least one card (and five of the 12 received at least two cards in the pack).  I like when everyone is happy and this is a good way to achieve happiness - cards for all!


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