Thursday, September 26, 2013

Upping the Post-Per-Pack Count! (More Group Break Goodies)

The good news for me is that my Reds made the playoffs.  The bad news?  After yesterday's loss to the freaking Mets, the Reds are assured of having to play in the one game wild card game.  I'm going to make a guess that it'll be Latos vs. Liriano for the right to play in the next round.

Personally, I've never wanted a Reds victory more since I was lucky enough to be able to secure tickets to the Reds' first (real) playoff game...they simply have to make it there.  Piece of cake, right?!

I dunno about that, I'm pretty darn nervous to be honest...and the Wild Card game isn't until next week.  Until then, I guess I should continue the group break - so here's some more packs out of the Fleer Tradition box.

Pack 14:
Paul Konerko - White Sox
Brad Wilkerson - Expos
Jhonny Peralta - Indians
Greg Maddux - Braves
Josh Beckett - Marlins
Francisco Rodriguez - Angels
Kevin Appier - Royals
422.  Troy Glaus - Angels

Short print (1:2 packs)
454.  Stand Out:  Hee Seop Choi - Marlins

Shorter short print (1:6 packs)
14 of 20 DT.  Diamond Tributes:  Rickie Sexson - Diamondbacks

Insert - seeded 1:6 packs.

Three short prints/inserts is nothing to sneeze at I guess!

Up until this point in the break (including the pack above), I've been keeping track of all the cards on my handy spreadsheet.  Unfortunately, the sheer number of cards in the break is beginning to overwhelm my spreadsheet - not to mention drastically slow down my pack opening process.  As such, enjoy one final look at my spreadsheet because I'm going to give up on it for this break.  I think it's fair to say that all the teams (including all the bonus teams) will end up doing just fine!  Even the worst teams (like the Marlins or Diamondbacks have over 10 cards already)!

Pack 15:
Karim Garcia - Yankees
Phil Nevin - Padres
Javier Vazquez - Expos
Jorge Julio - Orioles
Paul Lo Duca - Dodgers

This was my favorite base card in the pack - even better than the lone Red in the pack if you ask me (Dempster as a Red wasn't a good time...)
Jorge Posada - Yankees
Colby Lewis - Rangers
Jerome Williams - Giants
Ryan Dempster - Reds
496.  A. Looper, B. Sweeney, & R. Johnson - Mariners

This is one of the 1:3 prospect subset cards.  I don't think this group was a particular strong group of young players in hindsight.

Pack 16:
Kevin Brown - Dodgers
Kenny Lofton - Cubs
Adam Kennedy - Angels
Woody Williams - Cardinals

Diamondback Team Leaders
Expos Team Leaders
Travis Hafner - Indians
Brad Ausmus - Astros
Pirates Team Leaders
403.  Johnny Damon - Red Sox

Three team leaders cards in the pack!  The Damon is another short print base card - so congrats to the Red Sox for that one.

Pack 17:
Ray Durham - Giants
Desi Relaford - Royals
Bill Mueller - Red Sox
Miguel Cabrera - Marlins
Ichiro - Mariners
Adam Eaton - Padres
Orioles Team Leaders
426.  Todd Walker - Red Sox
Another Red Sox short print!
474.  C. Mendez (Orioles), D. Cabrera (Orioles), & J. Guthrie (Indians)

A prospects short print.  Since both the Orioles and Indians were claimed, the first tie-breaker is moot.  The second tie-breaker is number of players from one team on the card - so in this case the Orioles outnumber the Indians (and thus, this card will end up in the Orioles pile when all is said and done).
9 of 15 TDH:  This Day in History:  Kevin Millwood - Phillies

The This Day in History cards are seeded 1:18 packs and feature a slightly raised team logo.  The calendar look isn't the most exciting but it does fit the theme of the insert set.  All things considered, the whole is definitely stronger than the sum of the parts in this case.


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