Saturday, September 21, 2013

Whose Dominion Is It Anyway?

Before I bust open the next few packs, I thought I'd give you a quick rundown of the group break thus far.  At the moment, every single team has at least five base cards (with the exception of three:  Mets, Rays, and Nationals - all of which currently have four).  At the very least, it's safe to say that the cards have been spread out nicely among most of the teams so far.  That's good news for me since I always want all of my group break participants to walk away from the break happy!

Now, let's see if we can make some of you even happier than you already are.  Here's three more out of the Skybox Dominion box.

Pack 3:
11.  Jose Canseco - Rays
30.  Jeremy Giambi - Royals
51.  Juan Gonzalez - Tigers
61.  Roger Cedeno - Mets
64.  Darin Erstad - Angels
81.  Robin Ventura - Mets
168.  Doug Glanville - Phillies
191.  Sean Berry - Brewers
298.  R. Heiserman & C. Hutchinson - Cardinals

8 of 20 NE Plus:  Chris Singleton - White Sox

The New Era plus cards are seeded 1:30 packs which means this is almost a box hit (not quite though since we get 36 packs in the box).  Also, now we only have the Nationals/Expos slot with under five base cards for the break.  Can we find at least one card for that slot in the next two packs?

Pack 4:
4.  Brian Hunter (Mariners) & Tony Womack (Diamondbacks)

Since the Mariners were claimed and the D-backs weren't, this goes in Seattle's pile.
71.  Damion Easley - Tigers
103.  Roberto Hernandez - Rays
Dean Palmer - Tigers
138.  Ellis Burks - Giants
142.  Greg Vaughn - Reds
150.  Kent Bottenfield - Cardinals
251.  Shea Hillenbrand - Red Sox
300.  Joe Nathan & Calvin Murray - Giants
7 of 10 DP.  Double Play - Manny Ramirez (Indians) & Juan Gonzalez (Tigers)

The Double Play cards are seeded 1:9 packs.  In this case, both the Tigers and Indians were claimed so it'll get randomized between the two teams at the end of the break.  Notice that the card says "traded to Tigers" on the Juan Gonzalez side (in other words, ignore the Rangers uniform)!

Pack 5:
76.  Mark Grace - Cubs
155.  Mike Cameron - Reds
164.  Tony Batista - Blue Jays
184.  Jason Giambi - Athletics
211.  Alex Rodriguez - Mariners

233.  Albert Belle - Orioles
249.  Rusty Greer - Rangers
252.  Alfonso Soriano - Yankees
291.  Daryle Ward & Carlos Hernandez - Astros
20 of 20:  New Era - Chad Hermanson - Pirates

Not a bad trio of packs (though poor Washington/Montreal is still stuck on four cards for the break.  Most of the teams are now actually at the 10+ card mark for the break!


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