Friday, October 11, 2013

A Bunch of PWEs! I Love Getting Mail!

I've been making decent progress on two card-related fronts:
1)  Group break packages have been packed up (most of them anyhow) and a few are already in the mail.  I probably can't mail the rest until next Thursday, but rest assured they'll be in the mail before long!
2)  My stack of mail waiting to be scanned is slowly dwindling.  This is good news because I'm ready to jump back into the trading pool - and I need to go through all my current packages to make sure I'm trading for stuff that's sitting by my desk!

For tonight's post, I thought it'd be good to go through some of the PWEs that have piled up.  I've got quite a few PWEs here, so let's get to 'em!

PWE #1:

The first PWE is from Patrick over at Hot Corner Cards.  I've sent Patrick a few different trade envelopes over the past couple of months - and in likewise fashion, Patrick has sent me some stuff that I wanted!  In this particular PWE, there were four cards.  The highlight was this 2013 Topps Archives Tall Boy insert of Gio Gonzalez:

I'm working on the Tall Boy set - and I'm nearing completion (which is exciting).  Unfortunately, trade offers for Archives has virtually dried up (and I haven't seen any Archives blasters in my local big box store lately either).  I might have to make use of a site like Check Out My Cards, but we shall see.

Patrick also threw in a few assorted Reds cards for me - of the three Reds in this envelope, my favorite is this gorgeous Frank Robinson card.

It's awfully shiny - and a great addition to my collection!

PWE #2:

The second PWE of the day is from David in Alaska.  David and I have completed a bunch of trades - but this one was a "freebie" for me.  What card did I get?

Probably the one Bowman card that I wanted:

Yeah, a Billy Hamilton first card of his if I'm not mistaken!  Sometimes a simple PWE is still a great trade envelope!

PWE #3:

The third PWE is from Patrick over at Hot Corner Cards.  Yes, the same Patrick that sent me the first PWE sent me this one as well!  This particular envelope had much more from my want list - all of which was from 2013 Topps Archives.

To begin, Patrick hooked me up with two of the short printed base cards.  One was Bob Tweksbury and the other this Travis Fryman.

I'm not a huge fan of the 1993 Topps set - but I am a huge fan of getting short prints that I need!

Patrick also sent a single All-Star insert card my way - this one of Paul Molitor.

It's not the best photo of Molitor that Topps could have used, but I guess it fits in with the retro theme.

While I appreciate all the above cards from Patrick, the real jewel of the PWE was this:

Yep.  I LOVE the Gallery of Heroes cards (as does everyone else apparently since they've been virtually nonexistent in trade packages).  This particular Gallery of Heroes features a true hero of sport, Jackie Robinson.

PWE #4:

The fourth (and final PWE of the post) is from Ryan - the commissioner of my fantasy baseball league this past year.  Ryan ended up finishing second in the league (while I was fourth) but that's not important here.  What's important is that I won one of the "stat categories of the week" - and with it, a small prize!  The particular stat category that I won was wins by pitchers.  I had 7 in the week, which happened to be the highest total among the 16 teams in the league.

Ryan made a full custom set that includes professional players and cards of many of the fantasy baseball league members.  This is the second such package containing homemade fantasy baseball league cards that I've received this year.  It's a great idea - and it makes for a fun league!

My "pack" of cards included three baseball players (Verlander, Pujols, and Votto).

There was also a card of Wayne Gretzky throwing out a first pitch in Toronto (which is a cool idea of an insert set Topps)!

The final three cards were of various fantasy league members, one of which was an autographed version of Justin!

Thanks for the PWEs everyone!

And, as always, if anyone else wants to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


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