Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Quck Blaster Break - Just for More Kicks and Giggles (Part 3)

It's time to finish off the second (and final) 2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions blaster that I've had sitting around for a long time.  The middle portion of the blaster was pretty decent - at least in terms of interesting characters for me to learn about.  What will the final four packs hold?

Pack 9:
64.  Ned Crotty
93.  Arnold Palmer
108.  Nolan Ryan

154.  Ryan Strome

Apparently Nolan Ryan was a better pitcher than he was a leader of a baseball club.  Who would have thought that a knucklehead athlete would end up making a poor manager?

Pack 10:
66.  Annika Sorenstam

87.  Jim Kelly
136.  Doug Flutie
Mini:  107.  Ernie Banks

The Sorenstam card is my favorite because you get a nice view of a harbor.  You thought I was going to say because you get a nice view of Annika, didn't you?  For shame.

Pack 11:
34.  Troy Aikman
91.  Jonathan Huberdeau
147.  Y.E. Yang
MM 19.  Military Machines:  Willys Jeep

Wasn't there someone out there who was collecting the Military Machines insert set?  I have two of three of them if anyone is interested (because I know I'm not particularly interested in the set).

Pack 12:
56.  Bo Jackson

70.  Kent Desormeaux
124.  Brendan Shanahan
205.  Joe Start

Apparently Bo knows archery.

That's it for the blaster!  It was a fun break I guess, but the set isn't quite appealing enough to me for me to try and complete the thing.  I've got quite a few for trade though - I could type up a list of trade bait if anyone is interested.  Let me know.


Play at the Plate said...

I'm collecting the Military Machines and I don't have that jeep card yet.

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