Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Gold Label vs. Fleer Tradition: Round 2!

In a surprise (to me anyhow), Fleer Tradition stomped Topps Gold Label in the first round by a score of 22-13.  Can Gold Label make a comeback in Round 2?  Since I'm alternating who starts, it's the shiny Gold Label that gets opened first this time around.

Round 2:
Gold Label:
Matt Williams - Diamondbacks
Randy Johnson - Diamondbacks  +10 for the big unit (and a nice card)

Micheal Tejera - Marlins
Mo Vaughn - Angels
Alex Rodriguez - Mariners  -3 because even a Seattle A-rod is a jerk.

Pack total:  7 points

Not a great showing by Topps Gold Label...can Fleer Tradition possibly do worse?

Fleer Tradition:
Russell Branyan - Reds  +1 for being a Red, no more than that though because he was terrible as a Red
Alex Escobar - Indians
Kyle Farnsworth - Cubs
Rays Team Leaders
Garrett Stephenson - Cardinals -1 for being a Cardinal
Jae Weong Seo - Mets
Brett Tomko - Cardinals -2 for being an ex-Red turned Cardinal
Jason Giambi - Yankees -2 for being a Yankee
402.  Luis Matos - Orioles +5 for being a short print of a claimed team in the group break

J. Lopez, G. Atkins, & C. Barmes - Rockies +1 for being a trio short print all of one team

Pack total:  2 points

Can you believe it?  Topps Gold Label wins with 7 points this time after losing with 13 points last time.  That's how the pack wars work though - you don't have to be the best, you simply have to be better than your immediate competitor.

The contest is all tied up at 1 pack each.  This will come down to the wire seeing as how there are only two packs of each type remaining in the box!  Stay tuned - more to be opened before today is through!


P-town Tom said...

If that Farnsworth card featured him wearing tight pants, then my wife would have awarded it +10 points.

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