Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Looking to Sell: Complete Base Set of 2013 Topps Archives!

As the post title suggests, I'm looking to unload a full base set of 2013 Topps Archives (cards 1-200 - no short prints).  Is anyone interested?  I'm not looking for much for the set - basically enough to cover shipping plus a few extra bucks to help me recoup some of my expenses from buying the boxes earlier this year.

I have other singles available from the set as well - I hope to get a full list typed up before the week is up.

If you are interested in the full base set, shoot me an email with an offer - I'll also consider trades that include cards from my want list and/or LEGOs from my LEGO want list.


Fuji said...

Bummer. I totally want this set, but I'm looking for one that has all of the short prints too. It's a great set. I'm sure you'll have no problems selling it.

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