Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Pulling Triplicates from a Box is Annoying!

I'm teaching two sections of Calculus I this semester - and today is exam #2 for both sections.  While my students may be gnashing their teeth, I'll be opening up packs and having a good 'ol time*.

*This pack was opened prior to me giving the exam.  Don't worry.  I wouldn't bring cards to work!

With only two packs left in the Pinnacle Zenith box, it'll be easy to knock out 50% of the remaining packs.

Pack 11:
23.  Tino Martinez - Yankees
We've pulled three Tino cards so far.
24.  Bernie Williams - Yankees
We've pulled three Williams cards so far.
28.  Mark McGwire - Athletics
We've pulled three McGwire cards so far.
38.  Jay Buhner - Mariners
We've pulled FIVE Buhner cards so far.
49.  Scott Rolen - Phillies
We've pulled three Rolen cards so far.

Yes, not only was pack 11 all duplicates - all five cards were actually triplicates (plus an extra two Buhners).  What pathetic collation - and we still haven't found the Barry Larkin card in the set (the one card I really, really wanted)!

Now the 8x10s:

5 of 24.  Mike Piazza - Dodgers

8 of 24.  Dufex:  Albert Belle - White Sox

At least neither of those were duplicates - congrats to the Dodgers and White Sox on landing a nice gigantic card!


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