Thursday, October 24, 2013

Support My Blog (and Others)!

Three announcements for this morning:

1.  I have a bunch of cards on Listia right now (mostly 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter's inserts) that are ending shortly.  If you use this link to sign up to Listia, you and I both get "bonus credits" which is nice.  If you are already on Listia, you can find my full auction listings here.  This can be a great way to get cards for "free" - and I use the credits to either get other cards for myself OR for LEGOs (you know, to support my other blog that's been woefully neglected lately).  I will say, in terms of LEGOs, that I actually have a lot to talk about - and show off.  Unfortunately, those take a lot more time since I have to use a camera and then upload photos to my's really more an issue of my laziness rather than a lack of material to write about.

2.  My blogger bracket contest is off and running.  Here's the link to the current round - plus if you scroll to the comments section you'll find a link to each contestant's post.  There's so much good stuff happening in Round 0, I've been incredibly impressed!

3.  I'm going to continue to use Listia (and maybe eBay) to try and get rid of some more stuff that I don't want.  My want list is much too large - and the only way to whittle it down is to clear out some of the undesirable stuff to make room for things I need.  However, I'd much, much rather work out a trade as compared to paying eBay (and PayPal) I'll often post stuff on the blog first before I list it to be sold elsewhere.  For instance, I have a small pile of 2013 Gypsy Queen mini cards that I'd like to get rid of - here's the full list (I have other 2013 Gypsy Queen cards available for trade listed here):

2.  Joe Nathan
4.  L.J. Hoes
34.  David Freese
36.  Avisail Garcia
38.  Derek Norris
42.  Jose Quintana
58.  Jean Segura
83.  Lou Gehrig
85.  Manny Machado
91.  Matt Holliday
93.  Matt Moore
101.  Mike Olt
141.  Alex Gordon
158.  Wade Boggs
167.  Willie McCovey
177.  Michael Brantley
182.  Alejandro de Aza
184.  Chris Davis
188.  Jose Altuve
190.  Eddie Murray
201.  Justin Morneau
209.  Mike Moustakas
218.  Adam Wainwright
227.  Francisco Liriano
229.  Josh Johnson
243.  Brett Lawrie (x2)
249.  Dan Haren (x2)
272.  Anthony Gose
281.  Matt Cain
285.  Matt Garza
292.  Ian Desmond
297.  Trevor Cahill
320.  Roberto Clemente
323.  Ryan Vogelsong
326.  Aaron Hill
335.  Alfonso Soriano
338.  Mark Reynolds
339.  Anibal Sanchez (x2)

These will probably go up for sale on eBay or Listia this weekend, so speak up now if you want to trade for any (or all) of 'em!


madding said...

I'm interested in Freese, Holliday and Wainwright. I'm also interested in 43 and 103 from the base set if you still have them.

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