Sunday, October 27, 2013

The USPS Didn't Screw Up (this time)!

I've been giving the USPS a bit of grief lately since they keep delaying (and at least once, losing) my I have to give them kudos for getting me my latest purchase from Listia so quickly.  I managed to snag another one of the One Little Corner cards for my set - a set that is now only missing OLC-CT Centaur (since a few others should be in the mail right now).

Here's the newest addition to my set:

It's a simple card, but it works!  

If you happen to like the One Little Corner cards - I have a few on Listia myself right now.  

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Need More Cardboard said...

I recently had a Listia package headed my way that my local post office received and then subsequently sent to another post office. Even though I have a box at the first one. I don't know how that happened. Over the last couple years I've had numerous other packages delayed as well as magazines arrive over a month late.

And worst of all, I requested some free cards from Crackin Wax's "Take My Cards", sent a SASE and penny sleeves and then waited..and waited...and waited. About six weeks later they showed up with the envelope sliced down the middle like it had been cut with a knife. Luckily all of the cards were present and none the worse for wear.

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