Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Trying Something New and Fresh with Group Break Packs

Welcome to the FINAL DAY of the group break!  It's been a long, slow journey but one in which I hope I've managed to provide enough entertainment to keep you coming back for me.  I actually know that's not really true though - the past few days that were all group break posts had a serious dive in blog readers.  You guys do like reading about my vintage Allen & Ginter additions though (and, quite frankly, I don't blame you).

Right now, I have five packs of Topps Gold Label and four packs of Fleer Tradition.  I'm going to do a pack-vs-pack competition over the course of the day to determine which box is better (based entirely on the final four packs of course).  That seems awfully fair, right?  Call me the Fox News of baseball card blogging.  Fair and balanced, because I said so.

Of course, that leave us with one leftover pack of Topps Gold Label.  Let's open that pack now - and then we'll get to the four pack competitions later today.

Enjoy the final day of group break stuff!

Pack 20:
15.  Rick Ankiel - Cardinals
42.  Corey Patterson - Cubs

One of my least favorite players of all time.  Mostly because of Dusty Baker to be honest.
61.  Eric Chavez - Athletics
72.  Brian Jordan - Braves
85.  Barry Bonds - Giants

Hey look, it's almost everyone else's least favorite player from 2000.

Good thing this pack didn't count in the great pack run-off...Topps Gold Label would have a lot of ground to make up.  Perhaps it got the "bad cards" out of its system?  We shall see soon enough.


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