Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Two Players for Whom and 8x10 Card is the Only Way to Fit their Noggins on Cardboard.

There are only four of the gigantic Zenith 8x10 packs remaining.  I have a feeling that mailing these suckers is going to be annoying - I'll probably have to send them separately in document mailers.  Before I worry about that though, I need to finish off the box.  Here's the next pack.

Pack 9:
7.  Albert Belle - White Sox
23.  Tino Martinez - Yankees
28.  Mark McGwire - Athletics
37.  Kenny Lofton - Braves
47.  Jose Cruz Jr. - Mariners

Only the Albert Belle was a new card for us.  That's not cool because we are still missing a good chunk of the set (including the Barry Larkin)!  On the plus side, it does mean less scanning for me.

Now, on to the two 8x10s!

10 of 24:  Sammy Sosa - Cubs

16 of 24:  Dufex:  Barry Bonds - Giants

Two of the most prodigious power hitters of the steroid generation (and that's saying something)!  This would have been an awesome pack to open back in 1997!


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