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Blogger Bracket Challenge 2013: Round 2 is Over! Vote Now!!

Round #2 of the Blogger Bracket Challenge is now officially over.  We started with twenty noble contestants and have worked our way down to the final eight.  After the Round 2 vote (more on that in a moment), we'll have our Final Four!

Who will lay claim to one of the coveted Final Four slots?

That's what the vote is for!  Here are your nominees (and the polls are on the side of my blog)!

Group M:
Play at the Plate vs. Cardhobbyist

Group N:
The Junior Junkie vs. The Diamond King

Group O:
Backstop Cards vs. Jordan

Group P:
Comatoad vs. Stealing Home

I must say, I have been continually impressed with everyone's entries!  I don't think there's been another contest like this one which has resulted in as many funny, entertaining, and all-around creative entries as have been spawned by the Blogger Bracket Challenge.  This is the second year of the contest, but after seeing what an awesome turnout we had this year, I'm quite confident you'll see a similar contest again in 2014!  The only question is when...we are rapidly approaching the holiday season when (typically) the baseball card blog world seems to get pretty darn quiet.  Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze the last couple of round in before the holidays arrive in full force!

With that said, you have until Wednesday night to cast your vote!