Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"I Thought About Stuffing this Thing Full of Cardinals, but that Would be Rude"

"I Thought About Stuffing this Thing Full of Cardinals, but that Would be Rude"

And so began a note dropped in a trade package from Chris over at The Raz Card Blog.

Happily for me, Chris saw the light and didn't include any cursed Cardinals.  Instead, he sent me a few things that I actually wanted.  I appreciate that!

First up, a pair of Gypsy Queen base cards from this year's set.

I have to admit, I like the GQ set but completing it has been a royal pain in the backside.  I guess other people didn't buy much of this stuff (and I can't blame anyone since the one hobby box that I bought ended up being one of the worst boxes that I've ever opened in my life).

Moving on to happier fare - how about a Zack Cozart relic:

I didn't buy a single pack of flagship Topps so I've relied on the blogosphere to help me get all the Reds.  Luckily, you guys (and gals) have been awesome to me in that department - there aren't all that many more cards that I need!

Finally, Chris also threw in some Bowman Reds - a brand that I appreciate getting cards from but that I'm much too dumb to be able to understand for myself.

Are these parallels or was the whole set gold bordered?  I have no idea - but I'm happy to have the cards in my collection!  I think the Votto is my favorite of the four Bowmans (and also the only card from 2012 in that group).  For whatever reason, I like the '12 design slightly better.  I guess the hourglass figure of the 2013 design doesn't quite work for me.

One more goodie - a Brandon Phillips Sega CardGen card from 2013.

I don't know where these things come from exactly (Japan?) but hey, now I have one for this year!

Thanks for the great package of cards Chris...and for not putting a bunch of lousy Cardinals in it.  As for anyone else, if you promise not to Bip me with Cardinals, I'd love to work out a trade.  Check out my want list and make an offer!


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