Sunday, November 24, 2013

Listia: Do I Love You or Hate You?


The site almost all baseball card collectors now know about...and yet, only a few people actually use the place.  This can be good at times because it means cards go for cheap - but it can be bad at times because it can be hard to "sell" your own stuff.  

Just as annoying is the fact that you never know exactly who you are dealing with.  I've been screwed over (pardon my language) multiple times - but I've also dealt with some really wonderful sellers.  Again, it's a mixed bag of blessings and curses.

Case in point - one of my most recent purchases.

You see, every now and then I check Listia to see if there are any Barry Larkin cards listed that I don't currently own.  As luck would have it, I happened to find one not all that long ago.  Unfortunately, the particular seller that had it listed charged for shipping.  I didn't let that deter me though so I bit the proverbial bullet and sent both cash and credits to the seller.

Two weeks later?


Another week?  

An apologetic email saying he got behind and would be mailing my card along with a few goodies.  Of course, the same email also said that because of this experience the seller was done with Listia.  I say if you are going to sell something you should mail it in a reasonable amount time - even more so when you charge for shipping like he did.  Oh well.

End result?  It took about a month but I finally have a new Barry Larkin card for my collection.  

It's a gorgeous die-cut card from 1997 Donruss Preferred (maybe?).  I actually have no idea what set this is at the moment but I'm pretty sure I didn't have the card until now.  

As for the "bonus cards" that the seller threw in...well...let's just say nothing fits my personal collecting goals.  You'll probably find that these end up in various Trade Stacks over time (but if you see something you want be sure to let me know now)!

First up - Barry Bonds.  

I'm guessing no one is jumping up and down at the thought of acquiring a Bonds card (especially that 1991 Score card).

Next, this Wade Boggs "Slick Picks" insert card from 1996 Pinnacle.

I actually think the card is pretty nice - but I don't have much desire to collect any Yankees (unless it's for a set that I'm trying to complete).  As with the Bonds, this is available for trade.

The final bonus card was the most interesting (to me):

It's a Nolan Ryan "Starbrite Superstars" oddball card.  According to the information that I found, the set was released in 1988.  I had never heard of the set (nor seen any cards from it) but I now know that I'm missing at least three more Reds cards in existence (Chris Sabo, Eric Davis, and Chris Sabo again).  Why does Chris Sabo get two cards in a 21 card set?  I have no idea - maybe Sabo's grandmother made the set?  Anyhow, I haven't quite decided what I'll do with the Nolan Ryan card - but I'll certainly listen to offers...


The Lost Collector said...

I hear ya. Listia is a pain, and I've had both great and horrible experiences.

The Junior Junkie said...

I just started experimenting w/ Listia recently. So far all I've done is win an auction for a Griffey Wheaties box using credits that were given to me for free for signing up. I have yet to spend a dime. Waiting to see if its the real deal or not.

That Larkin is sa-weet.

Fuji said...

Love the Larkin! As for Listia... it's a matter of free time. I've been playing around with it slowly building up my credit bank. So far the only thing I've ever purchased was a NASCAR set. One of these days (when I have some down time) I'll get around to shopping and adding some cool cards to my collection.

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