Monday, December 30, 2013

A Bonds Card that Even Bonds Haters Will Have to Like!

I'm assuming most of you are heading back to work today even if you had much of the previous week off.  Thankfully, I still have one more week off (or at least almost a full week) before I have to start teaching classes for the spring semester.

Speaking of the spring semester, I'll be teaching four courses (but no labs) so I'm looking forward to my schedule.  I've also got a section of PreCalculus this year which is a course that I haven't taught in a few years so that should be a nice change of pace.  It also means I have quite a bit of course prep to do this week...especially for that class!

However, work can wait a bit longer - you came here to see baseball cards and I hate to disappoint my readers!  Here's two more packs out of my Sports Illustrated Christmas box.

Pack 9:
3.  Sandy Alomar Jr.

55.  Tony Gwynn
78.  Chuck Knoblauch
115.  Sammy Sosa
178.  Eric Davis

Mini poster:
14.  Kevin Appier

Seeing as how there are 24 packs in the box, I won't be scanning each and every poster - especially if the image and team is boring to me (like Appier and the Royals for instance).  The best card is this mostly dull pack was the Sandy Alomar card by far.

Pack 10:
11.  Dante Bichette
134.  Charles Johnson (Best Defensive Catcher)
135.  J.T. Snow (Best 1st Base Scoop)

What an interesting category for a card!  I don't think I know of any other "Best 1st Base Scoop" cards in existence!
136.  Ken Caminiti (Best Infield Arm)
170.  Dennis Reyes

Mini poster:
26.  Barry Bonds

What a great shot of Barry Bonds - he's not scowling!  In fact, this is a precious image that even Bonds-haters have to like.  Good work by Fleer since that's not an easy thing to do!


Play at the Plate said...

He's still skinny there. That's why he's smiling.

roddster said...

I like Bonds, and seeing that mini poster makes me like him even more

John Miller said...

I love that Smoltz and Maddux card. Smoltz obviously pulled a heck of a prank of Maddux and was just letting him know. BTW are you missing any cards from that SI set?

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