Monday, December 16, 2013

Delivery Time! Apparently Chrome Refractors Grow in Alaska!

Before I get to today's trade post, let me take a quick moment to say Happy Birthday to my younger brother!  He's been living in the state of Hawaii but is about to move back to the mainland (unfortunately for him, he has to move back in the heart of winter)!

Speaking of the heart of winter, today's trade package is a PWE from the great snowy north - Alaska!  This was a surprise package from David of whom I've traded with quite a bit over the past year (by my count, we've mailed 17 packages either to or from this year alone)!  That's an impressive total if you ask me.

As I said earlier, this was a surprise package - and it turned out to be the shiniest of all possible surprises!

First up:  A pair of orange refractors from Topps Chrome.  I didn't buy any Topps Chrome this year so these are both brand new to me.

I'm not totally convinced that Lutz is going to be a great player yet - but I do know that Bruce is pretty grand.  In terms of the orange border, I think both cards look good despite the border clashing slightly with the Reds' uniform.  I guess it helps the Reds don't wear nearly all that much red like they did in the 90s!

The final card in the PWE was by far my favorite though - it's another Topps Chrome (aka Heritage) card!

Yeah, Joey Votto is the man.  I'm guessing this card was from the Topps Chrome set despite being a Topps Heritage design...but what do I know (not much)?  I really liked the 2011 Heritage set - in fact, it's the last Heritage set that I bought anything of note of (and I'm still working on that set as luck would have it).

Thanks for the great little PWE full of goodies David!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade, check out my want list and make an offer!


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