Saturday, December 21, 2013

Delivery Time! Cards from Across the Pacific!

With the Christmas holiday right around the corner, blog fodder has been tough to come by.  In fact, a couple of days ago I posted my final trade package that had been sitting around and then yesterday I dove into my meager pack stash.  So what happens today?

Thanksfully, a trade package arrived from Ryan (from the wonderful This Card is Cool blog) over in Japan!

Just in the nick of time for me to have something to blog about!

Ryan sent me the Reds team set of 2013 SEGA Card-Gen cards - or at least I think* it's the full team set.  It might not be since there is no Joey Votto card which seems awfully odd to me - but there are 14 other Reds in the set.

Let's take a look at some of the Reds in the set.

Ryan Hanigan

This will probably be one of the last cards of Ryan Hanigan that I'll get depicting him as a Red.  He's now with the Rays who will definitely benefit from his leadership (but not his bat).  I always liked Hanigan so I'll miss him...and I have a fear that Homer Bailey will miss him too since Hanigan was always Bailey's personal catcher.

Brandon Phillips

By most accounts, Phillips will be a Red again next year despite Cincinnati's best attempts at shopping their All Star second baseman.  Unfortunately, Phillips more or less wore out his welcome in Cincinnati last year when he called his gigantic contract a "slap in the face" when compared to the even more gigantic amount of money that Joey Votto got.  Phillips alienated what few fans he had remaining a bit later in the season when he called one of the Reds' reporters a slew of unseemly names that aren't fit for print in my blog.

Mat Latos

Latos is probably the Reds' best pitcher - and possibly the Reds' best player right now.  You wouldn't know that by the little star ratings on the card though (and notice "star players" like Phillips get the black border treatment on their card).

In additon to the Reds' (almost) team set, Ryan also threw in a couple more goodies.

First up, a small pile of Japanese baseball cards.

I have no idea what this set is about...but judging by the ages of some of the players, I'm thinking a beer league softball game?

Finally, this little gem:

That's a Ken Griffey Jr. Japanese Topps card from 2003.  Very, very cool if you ask me!

Thanks for the trade Ryan!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to swap - check out my want list and make an offer!

*I actually decided to do some research and I found out that Votto is included in the set - so I'm missing him but that's it.  Maybe someone has a spare Votto from the set lying around that they could send my way?


View From the Skybox said...

The color design on the Cardgen cards for the Reds trumps the one for the Royals. That's awesome!

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