Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Some More LEGO Series 11 Minifigures!

About a month ago (roughly when I started my Christmas shopping), I found myself in Target and (not-so-coincidentally) in the LEGO aisle.  While there, I spotted a hanger full of LEGO Series 11 Minifigure blind packs!  Since my local Wal*Mart never seems to have them, I gleefully selected five packs and threw them in my cart.  I figure they were a reward for myself since I was doing my shopping so early!

Out of the five packs, I ended up with three figures that I needed (here's the full list of what I need) though one of those three I got twice plus I got a duplicate from a previous purchase.  Despite the two duplicates, I was still mostly pleased because I ended up with one of my most wanted figures from the set!

We'll begin with the figure that I got two of - the Evil Mech.
Yes, I put the gun piece on backwards - I like it better this way!

LEGO seems to have a space related figure in just about every series of Collectible Minifigures.  I guess that makes sense since Space is one of the most popular themes - but it's sort of a bummer that they don't vary the designs a bit more (this one is much too similar to some of the mechs from previous series).

Despite me not loving this figure, I have to admit that it does have a sort of neat torso printing (complete with printing on the arms) and it has a unique head piece as well.

As I mentioned earlier, I ended up with two of the Mechs so one is available for trade as of the time that I wrote this post!  I also like that LEGO's official site says that this guy is a product of the Blacktron (which were the original "bad guys" in space when I was a kid)!

Next up, the one figure that I really didn't want since I already had two of it.  Here's my third Constable.

It's a perfectly fine figure - in fact, I like it quite a bit (especially since it seems very British to me and I enjoy the Royal Guard from an earlier series quite a bit)!  I have no complaints other than the fact that I don't need three of this guy - so if you want one, let me know!

Also, I don't think the poor Constable is ready to adequately deal with the Evil Mech, how about you?

Now, we get to the good stuff!

I was incredibly happy to open up one of the blind packs and pull out the Welder!

The Welder was one of my "must haves" from Series 11.  For some reason, I love this figure despite the fact that I'm most definitely not a welder (though I did weld a metal sign for my parents back when I was in high school and it's still standing greeting visitors to their house a full 13 years later)!

The Welder's tool comes with a printed piece (no sticker makes me happy).  The orange piece is nothing more than a printed 1x1 round piece which could lend it to plenty of other interesting builds should one be so inclined.  The only thing I don't like about the welder is that his helmet is either on or off - it doesn't flip up like a visor.  Despite that, this is still an awesome figure!

The final new figure for my collection is the Grandmother figure.

She's rocking the cat sweater and comes with her very own pet cat (plus a basket).  The figure actually looks almost exactly how I remember my grandmother on my dad's side of the family.  She used to love to wear purple and green - in fact, I'm not sure I ever saw her in any other color.  She also had hair almost exactly this figure...and yes, she loved cats.  The only change would be that she wouldn't have the basket but instead a book in her hand at all times.

As for the figure, the cat doesn't quite fit in the basket (at least not without looking ridiculous) but it's still a really nice, sweet figure.  It also goes well with the Grandfather figure from the previous series.

All things considered, I was mostly happy with my purchase - I would prefer not to have three Constables (it's hard enough to find people to trade away one duplicate to) but since I got the Welder which I really wanted and the Grandmother which ended up being a lot better than I originally though, I have no real complaints!

By the way, if you enjoy my LEGO stuff, you can find plenty more of the plastic bricks on my LEGO-centric blog here.


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