Thursday, January 30, 2014

A New Griffey Jr. and an Angry Catcher!

With the next pack, I'll have the entire front right stack of packs ripped open in the 1998 Fleer Tradition box.  I know some people like to track that sort of thing so there you go.  Of course, I highly doubt anyone is interesting in tracking packs in boxes of 1998 Fleer Tradition...but I suppose the possibility exists.  The tenth pack will be the top pack of the front left stack if you care.

Pack 09:
365.  Marquis Grissom
412.  Mike Stanley
437.  Tim Raines
455.  Jorge Posada
472.  Chad Ogea
513.  Rich Butler
543.  Shawon Dunston
563.  Kerry Wood
584.  Unforgettable Moments:  Ken Griffey Jr.

Easy choice for card of the pack - a new Griffey for my collection!
Vintage '63:  117.  Kevin Brown - Padres
Diamond Ink Points (1 point):  Alex Rodriguez

The Griffey Jr. short print was a nice pull in the pack, but otherwise it was mostly "meh."  The Padres Vintage '63 card will probably reside in my collection forever unfortunately...after all, who the heck collects Kevin Brown as a Padre?!

Pack 10:
396.  Scott Servais

"Come at me, bro!"
419.  Al Leiter
446.  Todd Zeile
460.  Darren Dreifort
480.  John Halama
509.  Joe Girardi
518.  Phil Nevin
550.  Sean Runyan
565.  Freddy Garcia
Vintage '63:  126.  Randy Myers - Blue Jays
Another less than stellar parallel card.
Diamond Ink Points (1 point):  Jose Cruz, Jr.

Oh man, that was a pretty rough pair of packs.  Very little to get excited about - even most of the images were boring.  I do like the Griffey Jr. a lot - and the Servais base card was pretty cool.  I think it's the eyes that make that card great!


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