Friday, January 31, 2014

Cards Were Better Back in the Day (AKA "Get off my lawn 2014 Topps")

After this post, I'll officially be done opening one-third of the 1998 Fleer Tradition (Series 2) box.  Although the box isn't even halfway complete, I will say this with certainty.  From what I've seen on the blogs of 2014 Topps (as compared to the 1998 Fleer Tradition set), I'll take the Fleer Tradition set EVERY SINGLE TIME.

That's right Topps.  Your newest and supposedly greatest base set can't hold a candle to 1998 Fleer Tradition (Series 2 no less).  Quite honestly, the Fleer Tradition set is what a Topps' flagship should be.  Lots of cards in each pack, a low price tag, extremely limited inserts, and one parallel set.  No more over reliance on gimmicks, inserts, and parallels.  And seriously Topps, just how many parallels did you make of every 2014 base card anyhow?  Are there any colors left or are you now making up your own colors in order to have more parallels.

No, I think I'll sit out 2014 Topps.  Instead, I might try hunting down a box of 1998 Fleer Tradition Series 1 and spend my money that way.  Sorry Topps, you had a decade and half to design a set that could beat this box of Fleer and you failed.

Let that sink in for a moment.  I'll just be here happily opening packs of Fleer Tradition.

Pack 11:
362.  Glenallen Hill

This is a great looking photo!  Plus, bonus points for the spring water advertisement on the wall - it looks sort of like Glenallen is trying to jump into the picture of the forest!
383.  Derrek Lee
395.  Jimmy Haynes
404.  Tony Saunders
416.  Mike Kelly

Another nice photo.  This time it's a "player signing autographs" that you see a lot of in the Collector's Choice line (and something that I wish you saw more of on today's baseball cards)!
452.  Roberto Hernandez

Hernandez was caught in the act of hitting up the ladies (Grandmother edition)!
491.  Travis Fryman
564.  Andy Benes
588.  Unfortgettable Moments:  Chipper Jones

Vintage '63:  115.  Kevin Young - Pirates
Diamond Ink Point (1 point):  Jose Cruz, Jr.

Pack 12:
353.  Roberto Alomar

You see a lot of fielding shots on baseball cards - but how often do you see a card featuring a flipped ball and an almost-broken looking wrist?!
431.  Adam Butler
447.  Mel Rojas
453.  Todd Walker

Todd Walker looks more like Walker, Texas Ranger on the back of this card!  Love the attitude.
461.  B.J. Surhoff
465.  Joey Hamilton
481.  Bubba Trammell
507.  Al Martin
562.  Chuck Finley
Vintage '63:  106.  Rey Ordonez - Mets

Whatever happened to all the Mets collectors?  Where'd they all go?  Will they ever come back?
Diamond Ink Point (1 point):  Jose Cruz, Jr.

Now, that's how you do a pack (or two) of baseball cards.  Take notes Topps*.

*the only downside to the two packs is that I landed my first two duplicates of the box (Todd Walker & Jimmy Haynes).

Look what Fleer did:
1.  Plenty of interesting photographs (to go along with your typical photos).
2.  One parallel set of note (which is one per TEN card pack)
3.  Very few inserts (none in either pack)
4.  Good back of the cards to go along with the front.
5.  Did I mention I find opening these packs fun?

Maybe Topps will get it right in 2015.



Mark Kaz said...

Here are the Mets collectors!! Right here!

Btw, I couldn't agree more with your take on 2014 Topps. Of course, I'll still acquire the set eventually because it's tradition and I'm a creature of habit. But, Fleer Tradition from the late '90s is better than anything Topps has done in a long time. Actually, last week, I won an auction for a complete set of '99 Tradition. It came in the mail yesterday and I've been in awe of it. 600 cards of perfection!

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