Thursday, January 16, 2014

Did You Know the Ground Freezes Solid in the Winter? I Guess I Forgot!

I think I broke my wrist.

Not really, but man does it hurt.  I went outside to scoop up the dog's mess in the yard and when I was done, out of habit I tried to stab the shovel I use into the ground to "clean" it off.  I'm an idiot though and forgot that the ground was completely frozen solid about an inch below the surface...

And so when I smashed the shovel into the ground the only thing that gave was my wrist.  Ow!

Typing hurts like crazy, so expect this to be brief.  So brief, in fact, I think I'll just crack a single pack this morning.

Pack 20:
14.  Joe Randa
29.  Nomar Garciaparra
67.  Greg Maddux

155.  Ryan Klesko
213.  Willie Banks
327.  Jason Jacome
427.  Bret Boone
480.  Rick Aguilera
Silver Sig:  227. Ramon Martinez - Dodgers

Silver Sig:  354.  Ken Caminiti - Padres

Not a lot to write home about in this pack though I guess the card of the now Hall of Famer Maddux is nice.  I'm also happy to report that I pulled another Reds base card...and yet another Dodgers Silver Signature parallel (the second Ramon Martinez Silver Signature parallel in the box).  I think one copy will probably find its way to Night Owl if he needs/wants it but the other copy is still available..


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