Friday, January 31, 2014

Do You Have Trouble Pulling Cards of Your Favorite Team?

In opening up the first 12 packs of the 1998 Fleer Tradition box, I've barely pulled any Reds.  In fact, I believe I have found exactly one Red.  This is noteworthy because each pack has 10 cards - and in 120 total cards I ended up with one Red.  On the other hand, I've probably pulled twenty Astros, Royals, and Marlins!

I'm curious as to whether anyone else feels that they don't pull cards of their team in relation to other teams.  In fact, for me I seem to have amazing luck pulling Dodgers and Giants, but lousy luck pulling Reds (and actually Yankees given how popular that team is).  I'm sure we all feel we don't get as many cards of our team as we'd like...and the mathematician in me knows that pulling cards of certain teams is basically pure luck (unless you are modern day Astros fan in which some sets have exactly zero Astros)...but still, it'd be nice to pull a few more Reds soon!

Pack 13:
367.  Moises Alou
387.  Damon Hollins
391.  Mike Piazza

That's an awful lot of grey happening with Piazza's uniform, chest protector, etc.
397.  Kent Mercker
420.  Chuck Knoblauch
429.  Javier Vazquez
470.  Gregg Jefferies
505.  Chris Gomez
573.  Checklist:  Mark McGwire
My how the mighty have fallen.  I can't say that I have any interest in McGwire's cards - and just because he was a 'roided up Cardinal for much of his career.
Vintage '63:  98.  Johnny Damon - Royals
Diamond Ink points (1 point):  Scott Rolen

Pack 13 didn't have much of interest - probably the first pack of the box without at least one neat photograph as well.

Pack 14:
360.  Bobby Abreu
444.  Wilson Alvarez
454.  Tyler Green
467.  Allen Watson
493.  Eddie Taubensee

In 14 packs, I believe I have no pulled exactly TWO Reds.  Sheesh, not good on that front.  Still, if you are only going to pull a couple cards of your favorite team, they might as well be awesome cards like this one.  I love cards of catchers in full gear - and it's even better when they are throwing out a Cardinal (or maybe a Cub) on the base paths!
514.  Dennis Eckersley
532.  LaTroy Hawkins
544.  Brian Meadows
560.  Mark Lewis
Vintage '63:  89.  Darryl Kile - Rockies
Diamond Ink points (5 points):  Jay Buhner


Mark Kaz said...

Ah, another Piazza Marlins card! It seems like Fleer was the only company daffy enough to produce cards of him in this uniform. I think it's great!

The Angels In Order said...

I've been tapering off buying anything much bigger than a rack pack here and there for that very reason. Being a team collector I just don't pull enough Angels to justify it and I'm left with really only a handful of cards that are tradable.

P-town Tom said...

Eddie is definitely throwing out a Cardinal in that shot. The Cubs stole just a little over 100 bases in '97. Has to be a Cardinal... just has to!

Metallattorney said...

I absolutely feel I pull far fewer Red Sox than Yankees. And definitely less impressive cards too. Maybe that's just because I dislike the Yankees so much, but I think there is at least some truth to it. For instance, I have pulled two Derek Jeter autos. My Red Sox autos have been of prospects who don't really go anywhere, and then George Scott.

I think my Red Sox pulls are probably second to Yankees, but I think it is a distant second.

Corky said...

I seem to never pull any Mariners, and when I do it is Felix Hernandez. Not that I have anything against Hernandez but he isn't my favorite Mariners player but he does happen to be the best player on the team so he is always included in sets.

I am in the same boat as The Angels In Order, I don't even consider hobby boxes because I might see 2-3 Mariners total. I stick to rack packs and maybe a blaster box now and then.

roddster said...

That Piazza card on the Marlins is sick. I have a few of them myself.

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