Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Night Packs!

You know all that stuff I talked about this morning that I need to take care of?

It can wait.

Here's two more packs of 1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice instead.

Pack 24:
10.  Michael Tucker
32.  Scott Elarton
63.  Greg Maddux

Props to the newest Hall of Famer.
151.  Dave Stewart
209.  Derrick May
370.  Darrren Daulton
423.  Pete Schourek
484.  Steve Dunn
Silver Sig:  222.  Tom Candiotti - Dodgers

Of course I get another Dodger silver parallel.  Why doesn't Night Owl just send me money to buy him boxes?!  This is the second such Candiotti silver sig card in the box.
Silver Sig:  403.  John Dettmer - Rangers

Pack 25:
62.  Ken Griffey Jr.

I love getting new cards of Griffey (even as a Mariner).  This one is brand new to me!
150.  Joe Carter
208.  Rick Wilkins
369.  Ricky Jordan
422.  Jeff Brantley
485.  David McCarty
TC3.  Marquis Grissom - Redemption Card
CG4.  Crash the Game:  Jose Canseco - Red Sox

I don't recall Canseco as a Red Sox at all...  
Silver Sig:  254. Royce Clayton - Giants
Silver Sig:  357.  Brad Ausmus - Padres

I would say both packs were a success - I got quite a few more trade bait cards plus a couple of Reds and a nice Griffey Jr.


P-town Tom said...

That Griffey card is beautiful.

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