Monday, January 13, 2014

I Greatly Enjoy Trivia on my Baseball Cards!

I hope you all aren't getting tired of my '95 Collector's Choice box.  Actually, based on the blog numbers, this set has garnered as much, if not more interest than the Sports Illustrated box that I opened up last week.  I don't know whether that's a result of the holiday season winding down last week (and fewer blog readers) or if people actually prefer this set.  It would surprise me given that a box of this stuff can be had for about $10 or so while the Sports Illustrated boxes go for at least twice that.

All I know is that I'm enjoying the box - and since it's my box and my blog, I get to do what I want!  And what I want to do is to open up more packs!

Pack 14:
1.  Charles Johnson
9.  Phil Nevin
179.  Pat Listach
237.  Marquis Grissom

351.  Andujar Cedeno
366.  Jim Eisenreich
451.  Bruce Ruffin
456.  Gary Gaetti
Silver Sig:  224.  Henry Rodriguez - Dodgers
Silver Sig:  406.  Aaron Sele - Red Sox

Not much that's exciting to me in this pack.  Even most of the images were boring - the Grissom was the only one that was remotely worth scanning.

Pack 15:
10.  Michael Tucker
90.  Juan Gonzalez

This card has a question on the back:
Juan Gonzalez flips a souvenir baseball to a lucky fan after catching Joe Carter's fly ball.  However, after giving the fan the ball, Gonzalez sees Paul Molitor tag up and run toward third.  There were only two outs!  Gonzalez retrieves the ball from the reluctant fan and fired to third base, where Dean Palmer tags Molitor.  What's the call?A.  Ball was out of play.  Molitor is awarded third base.B.  Ball is still playable.  Molitor is out.C.  Molitor advances two bases.D.  Carter's fly ball counts as a home run.
I'll let you think about that one - feel free to leave your guess in the comments below!
178.  Darryl Hamilton
236.  Ken Hill
350.  Andy Benes
365.  Lenny Dykstra
450.  Dante Bichette
457.  Greg Gagne
Silver Sig:  162.  Greg McMichael - Braves
Silver Sig:  423.  Pete Schourek - Reds

My third Reds' silver signature card of the box - that's got to be a record for Reds' parallels in any box that I've ever opened.  Good stuff.  I enjoyed the trivia card too - this pack made up for the previous one big time!


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Gotta be A. Ball is dead right?

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