Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Fleer Tradition - More Trade Bait.

Another day in (freezing cold) paradise.  While the weather is once again too cold for my liking, at least I have a bunch of unopened packs to warm me.

Pack 05:
374.  Jeff Conine
408.  Vic Darensbourg
458.  Bobby Bonilla
471.  Scott Brosius
474.  Bobby Smith
477.  Kevin Young
498.  Jason Wood
572.  Checklist:  Ken Griffey Jr.

It's sort of sad when a checklist is the best card in a pack.  For this pack, it wasn't even close.
579.  Unforgettable Moments:  Roger Clemens

I kind of like the melted clock thing happening in the background of the Unforgettable Moments short print set.
Vintage '63:  87.  Travis Fryman - Indians

Diamond Ink Points (Five!) - Tony Womack
Wooo.  I hit the jackpot with this point card didn't I?  In all of my pack buying back in 1998 (which wasn't all that much), I never saw a Diamond Ink card worth more than one point.  Now I have five points towards a Womack auto in one swoop.  Sweet.  (so much sarcasm in that paragraph)

Pack 06:
356.  Matt Williams
406.  Armando Benitez
426.  Scott Karl
436.  Bobby Ayala
486.  Aaron Sele
523.  Steve Trachsel
547.  Desi Relaford
548.  Antonio Osuna
568.  Miguel Cairo

I have no idea what Cairo is doing here!
Vintage '63:  76.  Roberto Alomar - Orioles

This is a pretty nice card.
Diamond Ink (1 point) - Jay Buhner

Both of the Vintage '63 parallels are available for trade.


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