Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More from the Collector's Choice box!

One of the best things about opening a box of cards on the blog is that it takes me a long time to finish off the box since I usually don't have time to post more than a couple of packs at any given time.  In fact, even if I did have time to open more, I think I'd stick with my current pace since it allows me to more fully enjoy each pack on its own merits.  What merits will the next two packs present, I wonder?

Pack 18:
13.  Andrew Lorraine
87.  Mike Piazza

This is another one of the rules trivia cards:
On an Eric Karros single, Mike Piazza runs through the stop sign at third base, and the third-base coach knows Piazza is a dead duck at the plate.  The coach grabs Piazza by the shirt as he rounds third to slow him down.  Piazza returns to third base; the throw goes home.  What's the call?
A.  Piazza is credited with a run scored.
B.  Piazza is safe at third.
C.  Piazza is out at third.
D.  Piazza must return to second base.
I think this is the easiest of the trivia questions thus far...
175.  Cal Eldred
233.  Mike Lansing
347.  Brian Williams
362.  Dave Hollins
447.  Ellis Burks
460.  Brian McRae

I don't think that's a good pitch to try and bunt!
Silver Sig:  227.  Ramon Martinez - Dodgers
Silver Sig:  379.  Jeff King - Pirates

Pack 19:
15.  Derek Jeter
28.  Ruben Rivera
68.  Jimmy Key

That pitch looks awfully painful for Mr. Key.
156.  David Justice
214.  Kevin Foster
328.  Bobby Jones
428.  Willie Greene
479.  Bill Gullickson

This is my favorite image of the pack.  Gullickson looks annoyed!
Silver Sig:  204.  Shawon Dunston - Cubs
Silver Sig:  281.  Tim Davis - Mariners

Not a bad pair of packs, though certainly no where near the best packs I've pulled from the box.  All four silver signature parallels are available for trade should anyone be interested in them.


night owl said...

Yes, silver #227 Ramon Martinez I need (as well as silver #224 Henry Rodriguez from earlier). Just helping you out. :)

Nachos Grande said...

I set those two aside for you (along with the Park silver sig). I'll keep the stack open for now!

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