Monday, January 20, 2014

More Redemptions!

It's time to dip back into the 1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice box.  I've been incredibly busy this week (and it's only Monday).  Tomorrow, I have three classes taking their first exam of the semester and then I follow those up with a colloquium presentation done by yours truly.

My topic?  The game Bridg-It (from 1960) and using graph theory to "solve" the game.  I can only hope that the talk goes well - I find graph theory interesting but I know a lot of other folks don't.  We shall see.

However, since all I can do right now is wait, let's get rippin' some more packs!

Pack 30:
84.  Juan Gonzalez
172.  Kevin Seitzer
230.  Brett Butler
344.  Sid Fernandez
444.  Marvin Freeman
463.  Billy Brewer

Shouldn't a guy named Billy Brewer be forced to play for Milwaukee only?
TC5.  Redemption:  Fernando Valenzuela - Phillies
I already pulled one of these Valenzuela redemptions in the box.  Now I have two which means this is up for trade!
CG9.  Crash the Game:  Bob Hamelin - Royals

Hamelin doesn't look like a very healthy dude in that photo.  Yikes.
Silver Sig:  14.  Joe Randa - Royals
Silver Sig:  58.  Mark Whiten - Cardinals

Pack 31:
16.  Tony Clark
83.  Albert Belle
171.  Jody Reed
229.  Orel Hershiser
343.  Mike Oquist
359.  Scott Sanders

This is a pretty cool shot on the back of the card!
443.  Walt Weiss
464.  Mark Gubicza
Silver Sig:  136.  Ron Darling - Athletics
Silver Sig:  505.  Robin Ventura - White Sox

Probably the best card in the pack - that doesn't say a whole lot for the pack, does it?


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