Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Posing with Elephants

Yesterday, I began opening my newest box of cards (no, not 2014 Topps but rather 1998 Fleer Tradition - Series 2).  Today, I want to continue my own pack busting - so here are a couple more packs!

Pack 02:
352.  Andres Galarraga
358.  Kenny Lofton
423.  Ken Hill
445.  Mike Blowers

Not often you see a baseball player posing with a mascot in the dugout.
484.  Jamey Wright
526.  Mark McLemore
534.  Michael Tucker
574.  Checklist - Cal Ripken Jr.

I still enjoy getting new Cal Ripken Jr. cards - even if it is a checklist.
598.  Unforgettable Moments - Jim Thome

Scanned for the Thome collectors out there.  Unfortunately for you, unless I get a second copy in the box, this one isn't leaving my house!
Vintage '63:  116.  Ron Gant - Cardinals

Here's a card that I'm perfectly fine with having exit my house...Cardinals, yuck!
1 Diamond Ink Point:  Nomar Garciaparra
Only 498 more points needed to get the autographed baseball.

Pack 03:
357.  Darryl Kile
405.  Karim Garcia
414.  Hal Morris
453.  Todd Walker
456.  Geronimo Berroa
485.  Mike Sweeney
525.  Darryl Hamilton
527.  Kevin Stocker
552.  Dave Martinez
Vintage '63:  99.  Eric Karros - Dodgers

Finally, at least one decent card.  Looking at the names in this pack, it seems like Fleer must have loaded Series 1 with all the stars and left the scrubs and has-beens for Series 2.  
Diamond Ink:  Alex Rodriguez (1 point)


P-town Tom said...

That Thome insert is... so... BUSY!

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

absolutely love that Blowers/Mascot shot!! Awesome!!

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