Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Final Few Cards from The Daily Dimwit!

This is the third evening in a row where I've taken the time to highlight cards sent to me by Sam over at The Daily Dimwit.  What can I say - his trade package / Secret Santa package was worthy of three separate posts!

For today's post, we take a look at the regular sized cards sent my way - plus a bunch of minis.  Yep, this package had an oversized 8x10 framed autograph, a pair of cabinet cards, a bunch of oversized boxloaders, and now regular and mini cards.  It's like a rainbow of card sizes!  There's also a 1/1 autograph in this post, but you'll have to wait a bit before I show it (or scroll down if you hate surprises).

We begin with a few regular sized cards.  Sam managed to finish off* two of the 2013 Allen & Ginter insert sets for me.  First the Palaces & Strongholds set.

I like this set a lot - and I'm sure I'll do a full post just on this set in the near (distant?) future.  For now, you get to stare at the final two cards that I needed.  It's a very French ending, wouldn't you say?

*assuming my want list is correct - sometimes I screw up.

The second regular sized set that Sam completed for me was the One Little Corner set.  Yes, the One Little Corner set would have been cooler as a mini set (oh the irony) but I still like it.

Mercury couldn't escape me any longer (nor could Sedna though what Sedna is does escape me).  The back of the card says Sedna is the coldest, most distant solar system object ever discovered.  Woo!

In a fun twist, Sam also sent me the final card for a third set - but when we agreed to the trade I still needed a couple of others that ended up arriving (or at least getting scanned/written about) before Sam's trade.  This is the final Civilizations of Ages Past card that I needed.

Thanks to Sam - and many others, my 2013 Allen & Ginter want list is almost completely finished - only a few regular sized cards (all from the Curious Cases set) and a few box toppers - plus a bunch of minis remain!  Speaking of minis - Sam's package had plenty of those for me as well.

In fact, there were a ton of minis (19 in total) so I decided not to scan them all.  Instead, I'll give you a nice sample...

Don't worry - perhaps someday (when I finish the various mini sets), I'll show them off in their entirety in my Complete Set Chronicles.  Don't hold your breath though because 1)  I need to finish the mini sets and 2)  I'm terribly lazy and the CSC posts take a lot of time!

Finally, we get to the second autograph of the package - and the third (as you'll see):

One one side - Joe Morgan...

and the other some other guy ;)
I will admit to knowing nothing about this set - or Tri City Sports PL for that matter.  It kind of looks like a homemade card...but it's my first (and only) autograph of Joe Morgan so I'll treasure it!  I have to figure out how to store it though - it's probably too thick for a 9-pocket page!

Thanks for the awesome trade (and gift) Sam!  And, as always, if anyone else would like to trade - check out my want list and make an offer!


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