Saturday, January 18, 2014

What are the Two Least Favorite Teams on the Blogs?

We all know that some teams have more fans than others.  The Yankees, for example, are basically a worldwide brand while many people living in Florida seem to have absolutely no clue that the Marlins even exist.  But that begs the question - what are the least favorite teams?  And, more specifically (and of interest to me), what teams have the fewest interested/dedicated bloggers?

I can rule a few out immediately (and it should be noted that for the most part number of bloggers and team success seems to go hand-in-hand).  The Red Sox, for instance, used to have fifty some bloggers (or so it seemed) until their terrible year a couple of years ago.  Then, all of the sudden, I couldn't give away Boston cards.

In thinking about this question, I've decided the following teams are definitely NOT the weakest supported in terms of the blogs:

Dodgers, Cubs, Red Sox, Yankees, Giants, Rangers, Tigers, Indians, and Reds.

For those teams, there are definitely multiple bloggers out there who collect and/or write about them.  I think you could also (currently) throw the Pirates and Mariners in that group.  Furthermore, I can think of at least one or two Padres, Astros, Diamondbacks, Athletics, Angels, Brewers, Orioles, and Blue Jays blogger out there.

And, if I kept thinking, I could probably come up with at least one blogger for all 30 MLB teams.  Which brings me back to the original question.  Which team is LEAST popular on the blogs?

My early contenders would be the Twins, Padres, Astros, Brewers, White Sox, Marlins, or Diamondbacks.  However, you might make a case for the Giants or Rays, or maybe even the Angels or Athletics.  The Blue Jays don't seem to get a lot of love either, nor do the Pirates, Royals, or Nationals.

So which is it?

While you ponder that, here's a couple more packs out of my 1995 Upper Deck Collector's Choice box...and you'll see what prompted my initial question in just a moment!

Pack 26:
9.  Phil Nevin
33.  Raul Casanova
61.  Tony Gwynn
149.  Pat Hentgen
207.  Eddie Zambrano

The answer to the popular "Name a Zambrano other than Carlos who played for Chicago" question.
368.  Doug Jones
486.  Scott Leius
530.  Fred McGriff
Silver Sig:  108.  John Hudeck - Astros
Silver Sig:  488.  Jeff Reboulet - Twins

Even the back of Reboulet's card is dull.  Taking infield with a jacket on?  Boring!  The Twins and Astros are a severely underwhelming pair of parallels to pull - not a lot of trade interest in those two teams (but is that the worst possible pairing - I'm not sure)!

Pack 27:
8.  Quilvio Veras
34.  Todd Greene
60.  Barry Bonds
148.  Juan Guzman
206.  Glenallen Hill
367.  Ricky Bottalico
487.  Pat Meares
529.  Joe Carter

The best base card in the pack was a freaking checklist.  Ouch.
Silver Sig:  30.  John Wasdin - Athletics
Silver Sig:  53.  Rickey Henderson - Athletics

Some might argue that pulling two Athletics parallels is worse than the Astros/Twins combo above.  I disagree though since one of the cards was of Rickey Henderson, a decent pull no matter which team he's playing for at the time!


The Dimwit said...

I wouldn't mind a shot at that Hudek Silver Sig!

My vote for least blogger supported teams are the Marlins and D-backs, out of all the blogs I read, those are the two teams I see the fewest representation. Blue Jays and Brewers aren't too far behind, along with my Astros but there are a few Astros-centric blogs.

The Lost Collector said...

I'll say Marlins and Rays, with Nationals knocking on the door.

Jeff said...

Is there a Rays blogger?

Anonymous said...

I'd go with Marlins, Rays, Diamondbacks and Royals, but I'll probably think of an example of each as soon as I click on "Publish".

I would never suggest the Yankees as being the least-blogged-about team, but it seems to me that the percentage of Yankees bloggers doesn't seem anywhere near as large as the percentage of people who consider themselves Yankee fans. Just an observation.

P-town Tom said...

Usually when I think of a baserunner coming in "high and hard" you think about him going in feet first. Yet, that 3rd sacker for the Tribe would probably agree that Rickey went in a high and hard there.

To answer your question, I'll say the Marlins and Rays. I don't know a blogger from either team. Thankfully, they were both semi-recent expansion teams and my trade box isn't bulging at the seams with junk wax.

Fuji said...

I have a student who wears a Marlins hat... and I've seen several blog posts involving Jose Fernandez and Giancarlo Stanton... but can't name an actual Marlins blogger.

Nachos Grande said...

Dimwit - The Hudek is yours! I'll wait to mail any cards until I'm done with the box just in case I pull another Astros card that interests you.

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