Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Busting Open Box #4: 2001 Topps Stadium Club!

Since I finished off the 2000 Topps Stadium Club Chrome box last night, I figured it's time to now open up the fourth (of the five) group break boxes.  Up next:  2001 Topps Stadium Club.

This is a Home Team Advantage box (I think that is the proper term) which means you only get 12 packs...but each pack has 18 cards within it!  The set also contains an assortment of autographs (though the overall signature odds are 1:70 packs), a bunch of relics (again quite rare - 1:62 packs), and Play at the Plate dirt relics (1:10 packs).  Based on the odds, I'm not expecting a relic or auto, but I am expecting a Play at the Plate dirt relic - a card that I don't think I've ever seen that should be fun!

Will we find our one promised hit right away?  Let's find out!

Pack 01:
38.  Roger Cedeno - Astros
42.  Mo Vaughn - Angels
79.  Chuck Knoblauch - Yankees
86.  Luis Matos - Orioles

This card and the next one (Lofton) both feature nice plays at the wall.  I happened to prefer this one slightly as Matos is getting a bit more "air" in his jump!
97.  Kenny Lofton - Indians
101.  Tom Goodwin - Dodgers
103.  Derek Bell - Mets
108.  Warren Morris - Pirates
114.  Gregg Jefferies - Tigers
120.  Bret Boone - Padres
155.  Phil Dumatrait - Red Sox

Simply a spectacular photograph!  Love, love, love it!
158.  Adam Wainwright - Braves

I didn't know Wainwright started out as a Brave.  I bet Atlanta regretted letting him go...
163.  Bryan Digby - Braves
173.  Ben Petrick - Rockies
175.  Barry Zito - Athletics
184.  Eric Munson - Tigers
199.  Andy Phillips - Yankees
CA2.  Capture the Action:  Alex Rodriguez - Mariners

The Capture the Action cards are seeded 1:2 packs so expect to see a few more of these before all is said and done!  

With 18 cards per pack, you can now expect the team card totals to now jump considerably!  Right now, by my count the Yankees lead with 16 base cards (plus 2 inserts/parallels).  The Red Sox are close behind (13 cards) with the Pirates (11), Braves (10), Giants (10), Tigers (10), and Marlins (10) nipping at their heels.  Again, by my count, it appears the Twins have the fewest base cards (only 3) but they did nab a pair of serially numbered cards out of the TEK box so all is not lost for them.  My Reds have the next fewest base cards (4) but again, they did land a nice insert so it's not all doom and gloom there either right now.  The Nationals/Expos slot also is sitting at four base cards (but their fifth card is a parallel) which means no team has fewer than five cards!

Next up, let's see if we can get each team at least ten cards!


Mark Hoyle said...

Any chance the box cover is up for grabs. Would love to put that Nomar in my collection

Tony L. said...

Yes, Wainwright was trade bait for the Braves to get J.D. Drew from the Cardinals back in 2003. The Braves also got Eli Marrero and also traded away Jason Marquis and Ray King.

CaptKirk42 said...

Yay a Cool Matos card. Wow that is a spectacular design for Stadium Club. I might have to chase this entire base set. Other years of Stadium Club I haven't been inspired to try chasing the full set.

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