Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Do Boston Fans Still Like Roger Clemens (More Group Break Packs)

Who wants more 1995 Flair?  Let's see what we get in the next pair of packs.

Pack 09:
2.  Harold Baines - Orioles
10.  Roger Clemens - Red Sox

Do Red Sox fans like Clemens?  I heard a big debate about this on the MLB network on SiriusXM last week and the talking heads (I forget who it was now) basically said that BoSox fans should like Clemens now.  I'm not so sure I agree...but I'm not a Boston fan so what do I know?
17.  Gary DiSarcina - Angels
29.  Carlos Baerga - Indians
30.  Albert Belle - Indians
37.  John Doherty - Tigers
50.  Rocky Bones - Brewers
86.  Will Clark - Rangers
94.  Roberto Alomar - Blue Jays

A solid couple of cards to end the pack!

Pack 10:
137.  Jeff Conine - Marlins
144.  Craig Biggio - Astros
171.  Todd Hundley - Mets

My favorite (non-insert) card of the pack!
172.  Jeff Kent - Mets
183.  Kevin Stocker - Phillies
184.  Jay Bell - Pirates
185.  Steve Cooke - Pirates
207.  Barry Bonds - Giants
10 of 10:  Hot Numbers:  Matt Williams - Giants

This is a kind of cool looking insert!  As a math guy, I enjoy all the numbers floating around - though I can only hope they all somehow apply to Williams.  Congrats to jmkoenig who has the Giants for both the Matt Williams insert and the Barry Bonds base card!


CaptKirk42 said...

Wow another Orioles card. YES! (It does help to complain, the Cardboard Gods do listen sometimes) and OOOOOOOHHH a Matt Williams insert da nu Nats Skipper. Those numbers look like they are from the '94 season .607 is slugging % and 43 HR, 96 RBI. (baseball-reference.com is a good friend) oooh he was an All-Star that season and won both a golden glove and silver slugger and was #2 in the NL MVP vote behind some guy named Bagwell.

Mark Hoyle said...

For what it's worth Clemens has appeared at Fenway about three or four times on the past couple of years for various ceremonies. There was a smattering of boos but for the most part he got a big ovation.

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