Saturday, February 08, 2014

Finishing Off my 1998 Fleer Tradition Box (with an insert seeded 1:68 packs!)

There are only six packs remaining in my 1998 Fleer Tradition box.  In an effort to finish this box off before the group break gets going full gear, let's open up more than two packs today, whaddya say?  In fact, let's finish off the box - with one scan per pack (the "best" card in my view from each pack).

Pack 31:
357.  Darryl Kile
397.  Kent Mercker
403.  David Segui
425.  Esteban Yan
433.  Yamil Benitez
506.  Jesus Sanchez
523.  Steve Trachsel
553.  Jeff Fassero
585.  Unforgettable Moments:  Tony Gwynn

Vintage '63:  113.  Gregg Jeffries - Phillies
Diamond Ink points (5 points):  Jose Cruz, Jr.

The best card in Pack 31 was the Tony Gwynn short print.  I don't mind the short print design but I don't like the fact that there are 25 such short prints in the set (and they are seeded 1:4 packs which means I can't get the full base set from a single box).

Pack 32:
405.  Karim Garcia
414.  Hal Morris
454.  Tyler Green
458.  Bobby Bonilla
485.  Mike Sweeney
500.  Johnny Damon
527.  Kevin Stocker
552.  Dave Martinez
Vintage '63:  104.  Gary Sheffield - Dodgers
Mickey Mantle:  Monumental Moments:  6 of 10 MM.  Mickey Mantle "Triple Crown Season"

Diamond Ink points (1 point):  Tony Womack

The Mickey Mantle Monumental Moments insert set is quite rare (seeded 1:68 packs!).  Basically, you can expect one such card in every other box which means it's quite special.  Unfortunately, Topps has all but killed the Mickey Mantle name for me - so this card will be available for trade!

Note:  In an effort to save myself some time (and to finish the box off once and for all), I'll refrain from typing out the remainder of the base cards and instead give a brief description of the packs.

Pack 33:

This pack was mostly full of duplicates.  The best card was this Mickey Morandini card...which tells you all you need to know about this pack.

Pack 34:

I love getting Ken Griffey, Jr. cards so Pack 34 was a good one in my eyes - this is a great looking checklist card!

Pack 35:

Pack 35 had a nice Kerry Wood Vintage '63 card as well as a Jose Cruz, Jr. short print.  However, neither of those made the cut over this Aaron Sele posed shot.  It's so cheesy I love it!  Plus, minor league / spring training facilities make for a fun baseball card background.

Pack 36:

The box ends with a bit of a whimper - this Boggs was the best card by a long shot.  All things considered though, I'd say the box was a to collage and figure out how close I ended up to the full set!


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