Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm Beginning to be an Optimist About This (Monday Edition)

It's Monday morning but surprisingly I'm not in a terrible mood.  Why you ask?  Because after this week is over, I get a week off for so-called "Spring Break."  Sure, it appears we'll be lucky to have temperatures above freezing...but I'll take the week off in order to recharge my batteries.  Actually, I think I have enough work (and grading) to do to keep me occupied all week but it will be nice to not actually have to go in to work for a few days anyhow.

For now though, I have to work - so let's not waste any more's the next jumbo pack out of the Stadium Club box.

Pack 05:
10.  Larry Walker - Rockies
21.  Fernando Vina - Cardinals
This pack has another one of the Diamond Pearls insert cards which was stuck to the Vina.  Unfortunately, that's been a constant pattern with all the Diamond Pearls inserts...hopefully madding already has this one so that the damaged version won't be too disappointing.
19.  Ben Grieve - Athletics
43.  Sean Casey - Reds
58.  Damion Easley - Tigers
59.  Paul O'Neil - Yankees
61.  Carl Everett - Red Sox
67.  Mark Grace - Cubs
104.  Mike Lowell - Marlins
112.  Omar Vizquel - Indians

This is a pretty cool image.
115.  Kevin Brown - Dodgers
128.  Todd Zeile - Mets
131.  Geoff Jenkins - Brewers
134.  Derrek Lee - Marlins
141.  Greg Vaughn - Rays
146.  Carlos Beltran - Royals

This one has been featured on other blogs before but it's worth seeing again.  Love it!
160.  Scott Heard - Rangers

So contrived it's awesome?  Or is this simply terrible no matter what?  I'll let you be the judge (for the record I think it's awesome).
DP17.  Diamond Pearls:  Greg Maddux - Braves

You can see some bits of the Vina card along the top edge of this Maddux.  Even so, it's still a pretty nice card.


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